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JA The Resort in Dubai Welcomes the Opening of Kinara by Vikas Khanna Restaurant

News Foodies now have one more reason to book a hotel in Dubai and visit this amazing city as one more restaurant is set to appear on the gastronomic map this month. Star chef Vikas Khanna opens his restaurant in Dubai together with JA Resorts & Hotels. It is reported that Kinara by Vikas Khanna will greet its first guests on September 22.

Vikas Khanna is a truly legendary chef famous not only in his home country of India but also far beyond its borders. This Michelin star chef is a famous writer, filmmaker, poet, and humanitarian. Widely known as a top chef in Indian cuisine, Khanna is the author of 34 award-winning books. He is also acclaimed for his TV work as Vikas Khanna hosted several seasons of such popular shows as MasterChef India, Mage Kitchens by National Geographic, and Twist of Taste.

Together with JA Resorts & Hotels, Khanna brings his creative vision and distinctive style to Dubai. It was decided to name the stylish restaurant Kinara which means the “shore”. Open in JA Lake View Hotel, the new restaurant will have 180 seats and will offer mostly casual food that is a modern take on traditional Indian cuisine. This is a perfect destination for everyone who likes homemade cooking. “Affordable and approachable” – here are the two main features of the new restaurant.

Guests of the new restaurant have an excellent opportunity to try authentic dishes of India and South Asia. Kinara has a range of dishes cooked in the Tandoori oven. Much attention is paid to spices that have become India’s calling card. Khanna himself chose the chef for the new restaurant in Dubai – Ashish Kumar. Kinara will offer such signature dishes of Vikas Khanna as Chicken Makhani, Dahi ke Kebab (Yogurt Kebab), and four exclusive chutneys (Rajasthani chutney with chili and garlic, Bengali chutney with tomato, Punjabi chutney with pickled onions, and Konkani chutney with fennel seeds and pineapples.

Due to many vegetable dishes on the menu, Kinara is an excellent choice for vegetarian guests. The restaurant’s hall is decorated with oversized spice displays that not only showcase different Indian spices but also name different culinary functions and health benefits of each spice. Beautiful open kitchen and marvelous outdoor terrace make the new restaurant even more attractive. Kinara is a part of JA Lake View Hotel in Dubai that occupies an area of 1 million square meters and features a private marina with 104 berths, an 800-meter-long private beach, a golf course, and much more.


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