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Six Senses Hotels Ban Toxic Sunscreens in All Hotels of the Chain

News Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas has made an important step in supporting ocean life. In an attempt to help its coastline hotels to become more environment-friendly, the company decided to initiate a brand-wide ban on all toxic sunscreens. Instead, the hotelier encourages its visitors to use biologically-safer alternatives.

The list of approved sunscreens contains only 100% safe options for reefs that are accepted by the Environmental Working Group standards and are in line with the latest scientific research regarding the influence of chemicals on coral reefs. Starting from September 1, 2019, it will be allowed to use only sunscreens that do not damage marine ecosystems in all Six Senses properties. It doesn’t matter whether you visit a Six Senses hotel in Singapore, Six Senses hotel in Douro Valley in Portugal or Six Senses Laamu in the Maldives, the rule is the same for all properties. Guests can purchase quality and safe sunscreens at all spas and boutiques of the hotel chain.

Six Senses has become the first hotel chain to adopt this new policy and to offer a range of environmentally-safe sunscreen products. It was not easy to find the best sunscreens that are good for both the environment and people. It is not a secret that creams and lotions that we put on our skin penetrate its barrier to some extent and end up in our bodies. Different toxic agents that penetrate our skin can be harmful and lead to such conditions as cancer. Many of these agents are bad for the environment as well.

As many as 82,000 different chemicals used in personal care products end up in the ocean. The situation is particularly difficult in the areas that are popular with divers and swimmers. Synthetic sunscreens like Oxybenzone are among the most dangerous. Not only they fasten ocean acidification and climate change but also cause great damage to corals. Chemical sunscreens bleach corals and damage DNA of younger corals, causing deformities and harming aquatic organisms.

However, there are safer sunscreen options with active ingredients like non-nano zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. They act as a mirror and do not penetrate the skin as easily as chemical sunscreens. For its hotels, Six Senses has carefully selected more than 50 products from different brands that meet the criteria and are safe for people and the environment. Prior to arrival, all guests will be provided with the information about the hotel group’s policy and the list of recommended products that guests are encouraged to use during their stay at any of Six Senses properties.


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