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Future Hotel Trends Revealed

News Amadeus IHG has revealed its new study regarding the future of hotels and changes that we can expect to happen in the coming years. As technologies develop and personalization makes it easier to meet the needs of individuals, hospitality keeps adopting these changes. Amadeus identifies three global trends that may define the industry in the future.

In research conducted by Amadeus together with InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), the companies state that room types may soon disappear. Nowadays, we are all familiar with the room classification that includes single, double, twin, family rooms, suites, and so on. However, this may change drastically in the coming years. Nowadays, more travelers do not care for a room type but prefer to add options instead. Rooms with a special view, rooms that have yoga mats instead of desks, rooms with a smart TV with streaming capabilities – as many as 61% of travelers state they want their hotel rooms to have add-ons that match their unique preferences. In short, if you have always dreamt of staying in a hotel in London with a special view, you want to book a room with that mesmerizing view, and the type of that room is not that important.

Technologies become more common in hospitality, but for hotels, there is a need to balance between human communication and automated services. While it is possible to make human interaction as small as possible, the majority of travelers (67%) say they still want to interact with a person rather than with a machine. In the future, technology may be used to erase language barriers and make communication easier. For example, concierges can use real-time translation earphones and smart glasses to communicate in the native language of hotel guests.

Finally, the third trend is about loyalty. Hotel companies may keep building groups of loyal fans who prefer them to all other brands. This can be done by offering unique and memorable experiences to guests. At the moment, only 20% of global travelers say that their hotels give tips and ideas about unique experiences to them, and 70% of travelers do not get this kind of help but would like to receive it.

Personal approach and hotel personality were the characteristics of boutique hotels for many years, but this has started changing recently. Improved data analysis now helps hotels to anticipate what every client needs and make their stay more enjoyable by offering unexpected rewards, perks, and experiences.


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