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Europe’s Most Expensive Business Travel Destinations Revealed

News Business travel is a growing industry as every year more and more people visit their partners abroad and participate in various meetings and events. It is obvious that some destinations are more expensive than others, so ECA International (ECA) decided to conduct research and determine the most expensive cities in Europe for business travelers. It turns out that Swiss destinations are the costliest, and London is the joint tenth most expensive city.

According to calculations, a typical business traveler spends GBP 444 (USD 574) a day in the capital of the UK. London hotels get a big part of this spending as an average price of a 4-star hotel in Central London is GBP 251 (USD 324) a night. There is nothing strange in this because London remains one of the most important business hubs in the world despite Brexit-related problems. Weaker pound has made London more affordable for international guests. Edinburg hotels have also seen an increase in business guests in recent years. A typical business trip now costs around GBP 320 a day. Hotels in Edinburg are particularly expensive and account for almost half of the daily spending – a four-star hotel costs GBP 167 a night. This is GBP 25 more than in any other city in the UK except London. Among other cities of the country, it is expensive to visit Manchester (GBP 282 a day), Glasgow (GBP 258 a day), Cardiff (GBP 254 a day), and Belfast (GBP 253 a day).

Dublin hotels have significantly raised their prices, making the capital more expensive for business travelers. A four-star hotel in Dublin costs EUR 168 a night (GBP 151), which is more expensive than the price of four-star hotels in Berlin (EUR 163 or GBP 146) and Madrid (EUR 166 or GBP 149). It turns out that Dublin is more expensive than Edinburg right now – even though Dublin hotels are cheaper, the price of meals and drinks is GBP 15 more a day.

Swiss destinations remain the most expensive in Europe for business travelers. For example, a day in Geneva costs 553 GBP – a four-star hotel in Geneva costs GBP 292 a night on average, which is GBP 41 more than in Central London. Zurich (GBP 511 a day) is the second most expensive destination. Other Swiss cities, such as Basel and Bern, are top five and six respectively.

What about other parts of the world? There is only one more destination in the world that is more expensive than Geneva. This is New York, a day in which costs business traveler GBP 618 (USD 799). Hotels in the central part of the Big Apple are very expensive, and together with high transport and restaurant prices, they make this American city the most expensive destination in the world for business travelers. In Asia, Hong Kong is the leader – a business traveler needs to pay GBP 398 (USD 515) a day there.


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