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Finnish Travelers Share Their Preferences

News The Matka Nordic Travel Fair decided to learn more about the preferences of Finnish travelers in 2019 and conducted a survey dedicated to different aspects of tourism. The questions asked include things that Finns look for while traveling, their interests and expectations.

Relaxing is the primary aspect of travel that travelers from Finland are looking for. Experiencing local everyday life is also very important. Fewer Finns want to stay not far from their hotel territory these days. Big shopping centers do not also draw their attention - the respondents expressed more interest in small local shops. More than half of the survey’s participants (62%) say that they do not have much interest in well-known destinations and would prefer places that are not so famous. Michelin star restaurants wouldn’t want to see the answer to the next question. Three-quarters of the respondents (75%) say they like street-food establishments more and do not really want to visit famous restaurants.

Finnish travelers like longer vacations. More than 60% of the surveyed people prefer vacations that last one week and longer. The vast majority of respondents (84%) also do not want to combine work and leisure and prefer to separate work trips and holidays. Authenticity and local culture are the most important aspects of travel for modern Finns. Many want to travel outside the high season when popular destinations are not so filled with tourists.

Responsibility is one more important thing to consider for Finns. Most say they want to respect local rules and traditions. Air travel responsibility, such as purchasing carbon credits, is also growing at a slow pace but many are still not aware of this feature. While 9% of the respondents say they purchase carbon credits for flights, 18% of the respondents have no idea about the credits. More than half of the survey’s participants (60%) are also not aware of the new EU-wide package-travel regulation.

When thinking of a new journey, Finns are mostly inspired by the experience of friends and acquaintances. Advertisements of hotels, airlines, and tour operators go second. Interestingly, women use more sources as an inspiration for their next travel. People under 25, as expected, are mostly inspired by posts of their friends on social media. One-third of all respondents made travel decisions based on the content they saw on Instagram, YouTube, blogs, etc. While Finnish travelers travel abroad more and more foreigners want to see Finland. Book a hotel in Helsinki and get acquainted with gorgeous nature and cultural heritage of this Nordic country.


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