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Traveling is Good for Health

News According to a new study about the benefits of leisure travel, people who travel report higher wellbeing and positive impact on different areas of life. In addition to wellness and vitality, travelers say they are more productive at work and have improved relationships.

Good mood and overall wellbeing are among key benefits of travel. As respondents note, travel has an extended impact that starts with the planning phase and continues even when the trip is over. Improved relationship is the longest lasting effect of travel. On average, it lasts as many as six weeks. As AARP Travel note in their report, travelers from the baby boomer generation feel much better during the actual trip – 73% of respondents say they feel at least one health benefit. Millennials, in their turn, feel the health benefits from the planning stage the most (23%).

By the way, the length of travel is not important when it comes to health benefits. Both short weekend gateways and travels exceeding one week have a similar benefit on the vitality and wellbeing of travelers. Each fifth traveler (21%) says they feel the benefit of travel in all stages, namely, before, during, and after the travel.

Baby boomers name such important benefits of traveling as better sleep (51%), a higher level of energy (50%), and improved productivity (46%). The majority of respondents (72%) name relaxation and entertainment the main aspects of travel. More than a half (67%) considers traveling a great opportunity to spend unforgettable moments with the people they love. During the trip, people also report higher levels of such important factors as emotional wellbeing (54%), higher energy (35%), and intellectual curiosity (34%). Finally, a third of respondents (30%) claim their mental clarity improves when they are traveling.

At the same time, the majority of respondents do not focus on wellness when planning their next travel. Travelers are more likely to plan their next holiday and then include some wellness activities to it. This behavior is similar to all generations. Younger people call it a “by-product”, not the main reason to travel. That said, adding some kinds of wellness activities are also a good idea. The vast majority of respondents from the baby boomers generation (96%) say they were satisfied or somewhat satisfied with wellness activities included into their trips.


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