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Arrivals into Asia Pacific Countries Set a New Record in 2017

News Asia Pacific countries become increasingly popular with travelers, and the latest statistic data provided by the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) only proves that. Last year, the region welcomed 636 million cumulative foreign arrivals. In terms of the annual volume gain, such countries as Japan, Mexico, Turkey, Thailand, and Vietnam are the leaders.

The Asia Pacific region consists of 47 destinations, 24 of which are located in Asia, 15 in the Pacific, and the remaining 8 are in the Americas. Asian destinations received the majority of arrivals in 2017. The share of this region is 72%. The share of the Americas is 24%, and the Pacific destinations attracted the remaining 3% of arrivals. The 2016 structure of arrivals was similar. If analyzing on the country basis, China is the absolute leader with 142.966 million foreign arrivals. It is followed by the USA with 77.525 million foreign arrivals. Hong Kong hotels definitely enjoyed high profits last year as the destination attracted 58.472 million foreign arrivals. Mexico and Thailand are the remaining two countries in the top 5 with 39.298 and 35.381 million foreign arrivals respectively.

Turkey is an absolute leader in terms of the annual volume gain in the number of foreign arrivals. The country welcomed 7 million more arrivals in 2017 compared to 2016. It is followed by Japan (+4.7 million arrivals), Mexico (+4.2 million arrivals), Vietnam (+3 million arrivals), and Thailand (+2.8 million arrivals). Eleven destinations across the Asia Pacific greeted one million more foreign arrivals in 2017 than in 2016. Out of 47 destinations in the region, only 4 posted declines. In total, the Asia Pacific region received 35 million more arrivals in 2017.

Intra-region travel data shows that 94% of foreign arrivals into Asia Pacific regions were from Asia. The Americas had a similar situation with 78% of international arrivals being from Asia. If analyzing the region in whole, 62% of foreign arrivals were from Asia, 18% were from the Americas, and 12% were from Europe. Africa provided less than 1% of arrivals, and 5% are from unspecified origin markets. On the country basis, the biggest suppliers are China (112.4 million), Hong Kong SAR (95 million), USA (47.5 million), Korea (28.5 million), and Canada (27.3 million).

2017 was definitely a strong year for the region. 30 out of the 47 regions posted growth of more than 5%, and 17 destinations enjoyed a double-digit growth in the number of foreign arrivals. This year, the Asia Pacific region is forecasted to keep the growing trend and only needs political harmony and the developing global economy for that.


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