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London Hotels Have Fewer Guests from China and North America

News As pound exchange rate keeps strengthening against the US dollar and Chinese yuan, London hotels serve fewer travelers from these regions. UK vacations become more expensive for tourists from China, the US, and Canada, so they prefer to spend their holidays in other destinations.

The recent data provided by ForwardKeys only proves this downward trend. The international bookings in London hotels for the first half of the year are already 3.5% below the results of 2017. The fall will be even more drastic for the second half of 2018 as the decline is expected to reach 10.1%. That said, other major European destinations do not experience declines in the number of bookings. Experts forecast a strong second half of 2018 for hotels in Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, and Rome.

This is not the first month that London hotels suffer from the lack of foreign visitors. First signs of the decline appeared yet during the last quarter of 2017. Quite an interesting fact – terror attacks in London didn’t have any significant impact on the number of foreign tourists when compared to the fluctuations in the British pound exchange rate.

However, not all source countries provide fewer visitors to the British capital. The research performed by ForwardKeys proves that arrivals from various European countries, New Zealand, and Australia actually keep growing. Bookings from these countries are 16% ahead on average. Hotels in London can also expect more visitors from such countries as Argentina, India, Brazil, Russia, and Nigeria – the number of bookings from these countries looks quite promising. At the same time, China and the United States are behind the results of the previous year. The decline in bookings estimates 5.4% and 7.2% respectively.

Chinese traditionally enjoyed visiting London during Chinese New Year. This is something that didn’t happen this year – visitor numbers were actually 13.3% below the result of 2017. This is a clear demonstration of the downward trend, even though it should be noted that the Lunar Year festival is still a small share of the total arrivals to London from this country. At the moment, London hotels have their hopes high for the end of April as this is traditionally the time when Indian travelers come to the city. The number of bookings from this group of tourists is already 5.6% ahead of 2017.


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