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Finn Travelers Name Their Most Favorite Destinations

News To celebrate the opening of the largest travel-related trade fair in Finland, Matka Nordic Travel Fair, the organizing company conducted a large survey among Finn tourists, asking them about their most beloved destinations, preferences, and plans regarding next vacations.

Helsinki hotels, as well as hotels in other cities in Finland, are still the top choice of Finn travelers. More than a half of respondents (65%) say they made domestic vacations in 2017. At the same time, 55% of people who participated in the survey traveled abroad last year. Europe still remains the top choice for Finns, with South Asia being the second most popular destination. In 2017, 7% of travelers from Finland made vacations to that region. A quarter of respondents say they made one trip abroad last year, and 16% more tourists say they traveled twice over the past year. People aged 50-60 travel abroad the most – 26% respondents from this group made three or even more trips abroad last year.

What are the main moving factors that motivate Finns to travel? Half of the people, who participated in the survey, named similar reasons. They consider traveling a way to escape from their routine and everyday life and see new places. One in three respondents named quite an unusual reason that is understandable taking into consideration the location of Finland. So, a third of respondents travel in order to enjoy better weather. There has been a significant growth in the importance of this factor – the weather is now among the top four reasons.

Travel as a way to see new places and explore new cultures is the main motivation for a quarter of respondents. There has been a rise in the popularity of themed trips in Finland. Currently, more than 30% of respondents say they plan to make a cultural trip in future. Additional 20% of Finn tourists want to make a food and wine vacation. The survey also shows that social competition doesn’t bother Finns much. Only one in ten respondents wish to visit unique places, unusual or remote locations. Travel as a source of shopping, visiting events and concerts, attracts almost 15% of respondents. For somewhat more than 10% of Finns, traveling is a way to see their friends and relatives.

Local hotels, travel agencies, and restaurants are the favorites of Finns. They also try to cut costs and save by booking their vacations for the low season. When it comes to volunteer works during travel, approximately one in ten respondents did volunteer work with animals or worked for the benefit of people. The same rate of Finns paid CO2 compensation for their flights. As expected, young people are more interested in this kind of work – one in seven Finns aged 18-24 plans to make a volunteer trip.


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