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Top 10 Cities Ideal for a Weekend

News A new study revealed the best cities in the world to spend a weekend in. Out of 100 cities in the list, European destinations dominate in the rank. Actually, New York is the only non-European city present in the Top 10. The study covers various factors while evaluating cities and also offers ranks for different traveler groups.

The most important factors taken into consideration while preparing the Top 10 were the following: the ease of finding accommodation, navigation simplicity, and the presence of green spaces. For different groups of tourists, such as millennials, baby boomers, or families, it was decided to add a number of fitting entertainments, for example, galleries and theatres, museums, bars and nightclubs, etc. The final cluster of factors is dedicated to safety and tolerance. These factors include safety, women’s rights support, and LGBT tolerance.

Based on these factors, weekenGO gave points to cities in order to find the best locations for the three different tourist groups, namely, family travelers, baby boomers, and millennials. Initially, the top 1,000 cities around the world were determined on the basis of the UNWTO visitor numbers. Then, researchers determined the top 100 best cities, followed by the Top 10 rank. Once the rank for each traveler group was finished, weekenGO also made up the united rating, in which London occupied the leading spot. London hotels might enjoy even higher booking now.

The Top 10 best cities for the weekend are the following (from #1 to #10): London, Berlin, Vienna, Hamburg, Paris, Amsterdam, New York City, Munich, Barcelona, and Madrid. This list is based on the following factors: walkability, museums and galleries, dining, and LGBT friendliness. The next rank, the Top 10 best cities for millennials, looks a bit different: Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Paris, Toronto, Zurich, Dublin, Munich, and Edinburgh. Here experts took into consideration the following factors: bars, concerts, clubs, LGBT friendliness, and women’s rights and safety.

Hotels in Vienna may greet more travelers with children who arrive for a short break as this city is #1 in the Top 10 list for families. The cities ranked 2 to 10 are Amsterdam, Prague, Tokyo, Zurich, Hamburg, Berlin, Edinburgh, London, and Munich. Green spaces, security, cultural events, and museums are the most important factors for this category of travelers. Finally, the Top 10 cities for baby boomers are Zurich, Vienna, Hamburg, Edinburgh, Prague, Singapore, Vancouver, Tokyo, Munich, and London.


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