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Abu Dhabi Opens Its Own Louvre

News If you have always been thinking about traveling to Abu Dhabi, here is one more reason to start planning a vacation. The popular tourist destination now has one more landmark – a version of iconic Louvre museum in France. The precise copy of the world’s famous building is finally finished. However, it took five years longer than expected to complete the project due to difficulties caused by oil prices.

Abu Dhabi’s own Louvre museum will open its doors very soon, on November 11. The ambitious project was scheduled to be ready much earlier, but due to the economic crisis and a significant drop in oil prices, the emirate didn’t have the necessary funds to support the building works. However, the result is worth the waiting. Created by famous French architect Jean Nouvel, the jaw-dropping building is nothing but impressive.

The dome of the new Louvre is made of seven layers of steel. The construction is made in a peculiar way so that sunshine passes through the dome and illuminates artworks exhibited inside. The lighting will change every hour, creating special effects. Just like the original Louvre, its UAE copy will be a museum, and it will showcase artworks brought from all over the world. The emirate hopes that numerous exhibitions will regularly take place in the museum, so both locals and international travelers will be able to admire world’s finest masterpieces without leaving the Middle Eastern country.

Just like in French Louvre, the Louvre in Abu Dhabi will have an entrance free. It is not known at the moment, but, according to Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority, the price will be “acceptable to all”. It was also mentioned that the museum will be attractive to everyone as “it will speak to everybody” and will not be targeted at a specific nation or culture. The opening of the grandiose museum is in line with the aggressive tourism strategy of the emirate. Abu Dhabi wants to increase the number of tourist arrivals to 8.5 million a year by 2020.

If you have already been in posh Dubai hotels and visited Abu Dhabi, there is one more emerging destination in the UAE – Ras Al Khaimah. This emirate is increasingly popular with European visitors. For example, 28.6% more British holidaymakers visited Ras Al Khaimah during January – September 2016 if compared to the same period a year ago. This emirate has much to offer to its guests – hot springs, more than 60 kilometers of pristine beaches, the highest mountains in the UAE, and unique flora and fauna.


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