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Anti-terrorism Travel is a New Trend in Israel

News Israel has come up with something really new for travelers who seek unusual experiences. The country will soon offer “anti-terrorism” packages for travelers who visit the region. The prospect of such a vacation may sound bizarre, but the government of the country is already working with select travel agencies to develop the new attraction.

According to officials, staying in “defense” travel camps could attract more travelers and offer them a new experience during their stay in the country. For this purpose, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism (IMOT) collaborates with Indian travel agencies. Israel is known as a country that has suffered from numerous terrorist attacks and is regularly on the verge of new dangers. However, the country is also famous for its high-quality security. As more countries have suffered from terrorist attacks recently, the “anti-terrorism” theme is on the rise recently.

According to IMOT, with many popular tourist destinations like Spain and France attacked by terrorists, travelers are more interested in obtaining the knowledge of protecting themselves. Of course, it’s a niche travel, but the ministry thinks it may draw the attention of many tourists from Europe and the US. What will such defense travel camps offer? They might offer experiences that are quite similar to paintball. Tourists will learn how to hide, tackle, and how to shoot.

At the moment, the project is under development, and IMOT only makes first steps to promote it. For example, they discuss these camps with travel agents in India during a special roadshow that covered six large Indian cities. During the event, IMOT officials met with 100 travel agents from the region. Some even say that Israel drew the attention of more travelers because of Gal Gadot, who has become popular recently. The Israeli actress, who plays Wonder Woman, was in the Israeli Army for two years previous to her acting career.

Jerusalem suffered from a terrorist attack earlier this year when a truck crashed into a crowd. As the threat of terrorism is still high in the country, travelers are advised to keep away from certain parts of the country. They are not recommended to stay in Gaza, Ghajjar, the Sheba’a Farms, and travel on Route 98 close to the Syrian border.


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