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Weird Ice Cream is a Dessert Trend This Summer

News The all-time favorite street dessert, ice cream, has always been on the menus of hotel restaurants. It seems that we have seen all flavors and fillings possible, but the imagination of chefs has no limit. This summer, more and more hotels add new variations of the popular frozen dessert, including some unexpected variations. As people in the Far East have to deal with hot and humid weather now, they are the most creative and can be safely called ice cream trendsetters.

Hotels in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, New Delhi, and Manila can offer desserts like bubble waffle ice cream cones. Originally from Hong Kong, the unusual waffle cone trend has spread to North America. Puffy Egg waffles or gai daan jai are served warm and mixed with cold ice cream and a number of fillings that range from matcha and chocolate to Oreos and fruit. The next trend is absolutely black ice cream. The modern ice cream gets its color from activated charcoal, licorice, and black beans. Japan is considered the origin of black ice cream, but it can be found in many spots around the world these days.

The land of the rising sun is the birthplace of another ice cream type – Shibuya Honey Toast. If you are on a holiday in Japan and want to try something authentic, give this ice cream a try. It’s made of a block of hollowed-out white bread that is then cooked in a special way so it becomes crispy. The center part of the bread is cut into cubes and cooked as well, and then mixed with ice cream, various fillings, fruit, and so on. This ice cream type is also known as Brick Toast and can be found in Singapore, Taiwan, and Bangkok hotels. The latter two countries offer more types, including lava ice cream toasts that look like an upgraded version of the molten chocolate cake.

Are you planning a vacation in Seoul this summer? If so, don’t forget to try the local specialty – ice cream with customizable flavors that are added with plastic syringes. The ice cream in this dessert is usually a nitro-chilled one so it remains soft. Similar desserts can be also found in Manila, Sydney, and Delhi. Sounds like plenty new types of the dessert have appeared recently, but these are by far not all popular types of ice cream this summer.

A Bangkok sensation, rolled ice cream is already available in more countries around the world, including the United States. Ice cream with cotton candy topping is also gaining some attention. Ice cream with hearty fillings like curry or egg sauce becomes increasingly popular across Asian countries. Finally, you don’t know everything about ice cream until you haven’t tried the J-shaped cones! Hollow cones made of corn are filled with soft ice cream. According to makers, the J-shape helps to escape dipping. Try this type during your vacation and see if that is really so.


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