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Branson Wants to Open Hotels in Space

News Famous British entrepreneur Richard Branson wants to open no less than the first “spaceline” in the world with his Virgin Galactic, so there’s nothing strange that he plans to add a place where his space ships could fly to. In his recent interview to Mashable UK, Branson, who is the founder of the Virgin Hotels, said that hospitality industry would change in a hundred of years. Humans will colonize other planets, such as Mars, and will open hotels there.

Branson calls the idea of opening hotels in space “sexy”. He sees this accommodation in space as a place made of smaller pods. People will fly to the planet and stay in these pods, where they wake up in the morning and rest at night. During the daytime, hotel guests will run little spaceships to enjoy the view of the Moon or other planets. Branson would like to be among pioneers of deep space exploration. The 66 year old entrepreneur owns Virgin Galactic company that develops its own space plane, SpaceShipTwo. This September the space ship undertook a test flight in the Mojave Desert in California. This was the first test run after the unfortunate flight in 2014, when a pilot was killed during the test. Currently, the company is working over providing safe flights to space, but it is still not known when commercial flights start on regular basis. It is known, however, that a ticket to space will cost US$250,000, which is significantly cheaper than multi-million tourist permissions to visit the International Space Station.


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