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Wedding Trends for 2015

News As a rule, weddings, or at least a part of them, take place in hotels, so hoteliers should keep an eye on this segment and try to offer new improved services that will keep newlyweds and guests happy during such an important day. Alice Fay, wedding specialist with 15 years of experience and 500 organized weddings, shared hottest trends in wedding for this year.

Custom made cocktails are very popular these days. Brides and grooms want something creative and custom, not traditional cocktails we all know. Bitters, old school drinks and twists from popular cocktails have become a hit. Beer is another drink that becomes more common at weddings. Microbrews, beer pairings and mini beer samplings of different labels are not uncommon these days. Pre-ceremony drink: it becomes more common to treat guests with a mini glass of a non-alcoholic drink upon arrival.

Love quotations have become another trend. Couples select meaningful quotations that fit them or their love story and put them to a notable place where all guests can read them. These can be framed prints, chalkboards or even napkins with meaningful words. When it comes to cocktail hour, buffet lines and guests carrying plates become outdated. Instead of that Fay offers small appetizers on printed napkins and microbrews or small cocktails. Dinner will be the main food in that case, and here coursed dinners have become popular. Guests can sit, relax and enjoy their food. Dances and speeches should be prepared in advance between courses in that case. Wine is the most popular drink for the dinner now. Brides and grooms often choose special wine to pair a specific dish or wine with some special meaning for them.

Finally, design of the wedding space is also prone to some changes. These days, more brides and grooms select intimate and romantic lightning, and prefer round, square or rectangle tables instead of traditional cookie cutter options.


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