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European Tourism Shows Growth in 2014

News The first three quarters of 2014 showed positive dynamics of growth of European tourism. This information is posted in the latest report by the European Travel Commission. The growth was reached throughout the month, and in August the increase in the number of foreign visitors estimated 4%. Some popular destinations of Southern and Northern Europe posted the double digit growth that was beyond any expectations. Experts also underlined growing popularity of short breaks in addition to main holidays.

This year will certainly be a good one for European hotel industry. The growth was noticeable virtually in all destinations of the region. Such country as Spain scored second in the list of most popular European destinations and posted the growth of international arrivals of 9% through August. The country has already welcomed 61 million more tourists than in 2013. The first place is occupied by Turkey that posted the growth of arrivals of 7%. Another popular European destination, Germany, enjoyed 5% more international visits over first three quarters of 2014. This country is ranked fifth in the list of most sought after destinations of the region. The biggest growth was, however, reached by Greece – number 10 in the list of popular European destinations, the country enjoyed the growth of visits by 16%.

Success of many destinations in the region became possible because of strong performance of source markets. Biggest players in this area maintained their positions. Germany and the United Kingdom remain biggest sources of travellers to other parts of Europe. Italy has also strengthened its positions as source market despite economic recession. Cheaper air fares and improved labor market made US citizens more willing to travel to Europe too. In Asia, China has posted strong improvement of outbound tourism market. At the same time, 6% less Russians have travelled to Europe in 2014. In general, European tourism is expected to grow by 4% in 2014, and by from 2.5% to 3.5% in 2015.


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