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Millennial Travellers and Their Love for Loyalty Programs

News According to a recent study conducted by Deloitte, two-thirds (66%) of Millennials consider loyalty programs and “unique rewards” an important factor when choosing a hotel. That is much more than in other age groups – among older counterparts only 43% of travellers consider loyalty programs and their bonuses important.

Millennial travellers are more prone to being loyal to one brand in case its loyalty program is good, but three-quarters also say they would remain loyal to the brand even if they lose all reward points. In other age groups, 66% of travellers say they would remain loyal. As many as 68% of respondents, who belong to the Millennial age group, consider themselves loyal to one program. This age group enjoys various “soft” benefits, such as new exclusive experiences and VIP treatments – two thirds of Millennials consider them important, while only 50% of travellers in other age groups are attracted by them.

Travellers from this age group are more likely to establish long time allegiance to one brand. When they choose one brand, they prefer to stay in its hotels. They are even willing to pay more for the ability to stay in the preferred brand. Millennial respondents say they are ready to spend US$41 more per night during their business trips and are ready to travel up to 15 minutes longer to stay in the hotel brand they like. Business travellers in other age groups are willing to spend only US$29 more per night to stay in their favorite hotel brand. Leisure Millennial travellers are ready to pay US$35 more to stay in the chosen hotel brand, while in other age groups the sum is just US$20. This clearly shows that hotel brands will find grateful customers among Millennials, and we can expect many advertising programs targeting this age group.


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