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Travel Spending Patterns of Companies

News It’s not a secret that business travellers, both individual and group ones, bring a good share of profit to hotels, so hotel companies commission surveys to find out their needs and wishes better. The latest study on the subject was performed by the GBTA Foundation that prepared information about company travel spending. The company surveyed as many as 272 travel managers in Europe and North America. During the study, the GBTA Foundation tried to survey travel managers and find out how they plan their travel programs and what factors are the most important for them when selecting a hotel or a hotel chain.

The study shows that higher-spend companies are more oriented to teams that companies with lower budget. The results of the survey also showed the difference between European and North American company travel. For example, companies in North America prefer centrally managed programs and clean guidelines for all participants, while their European colleagues stick to mandates more often. Companies with large travel budget prefer one global request for proposal that is then sent to preferred hotels. The list of preferred hotels is frequently updated, and at least one hotel in five is dropped from it every year. That happens twice more frequently in Europe than in North America. At the same time, American travel managers are more likely to make individual property agreements, while in Europe travel managers prefer chain-wide agreements. While negotiating hotel rates, more than a half of travel managers do that directly with hotels. Finally, when selecting most important factors for finding a hotel, travel managers in both Europe and North America state chain-wide agreements and rates are the most important factor. They are followed by general hotel quality and additional services.


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