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Generation X is Keen on Spa Travel

News Each generation has its peculiarities, and Generation X that overtakes Baby Boomers is no exception. This age group has its own approach to travel in general and hotel spas in particular. According to the report prepared by Spafinder Wellness, people born between 1965 and 1982 (the so called Generation X) make spa travel more often and “woman with another woman” are the most frequent visitors of hotel spa centres.

In 2013, as many as 73% travel agents that participated in the survey (more than 300 travel agents in total) noticed the growth of bookings in hotel and resort spas. Today, travellers seek “total wellness” experience. Travellers are now more interested in spa programmes rather than single treatments. In 2013, such spa offerings as weight loss and exercise programmes were called important by 84% of travel agents, while 68% called mind-body-spirit programmes important. Finally, nature and adventure experiences were preferred by 67% of travel agents.

Destination spas are also on the rise. For example, for North American travellers, top 5 preferred spa destinations are the Caribbean, Mexico, Central/South America, Europe and Asia. Luxury travellers, in their turn, become increasingly interested in authentic local experiences in various world destinations. Finally, many travellers today are tired of usual destinations, and so they seek new places yet undiscovered by many travellers. Costa Rica is one of these places. In Europe, spa enthusiasts are genuinely interested in the Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy and Ireland; in Asia travel agents named such hot destinations as the Maldives, India, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia.


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