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Hotels in Bali May Force Tourists to Learn Balinese Culture

News The administration of Bali has quite unusual plans – they want to force hotels to impose a compulsory program for all tourists arriving to the island. The program will take place once a week and will contain information on the culture and art of Bali, and both domestic and foreign tourists will be obliged to attend it.

The program can contain various forms of educational activities. For example, once a week hotels can organize special performances dedicated to Balinese art, and all hotel staff can wear endek (traditional Balinese clothes) during such days. According to the administration, hotels in Bali should also use more traditional decorations and Balinese products in general. That would make hotels more authentic and would help local economy.

Some hotels have already expressed their wish to participate in the program, so the program is likely to become an official one within next several months. For example, in Santrian Group hotels visitors can already see it in action – staff dressed in Balinese costumes, authentic Balinese cuisine, and traditional music. By the way, the program is not a new one as it is already adopted in local schools and governmental institutions. On specified days, teachers, officials and students wear endek or other traditional clothes.

The island’s administration has suggested this program because there’s a serious shift in hotels’ design and service. Back in the 1990s, the majority of hotels were decorated in traditional Balinese style, but now one can hardly find such an accommodation.


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