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2013 Wellness Travel Trends

News Wellness Tourism Worldwide has published main travel trends for 2013. These trends have been identified on the basis of consumer surveys and analysis of feedback and site visits.

So, wellness in airports is expected to become the biggest trend this year. Currently, many airports organize special venues with health and fitness facilities, quality dining, art installations, spa centres, and even swimming pools and gardens. The next big trend is hotels focused on health. Hotels have understood the need of travellers to feel good during travel, and that doesn’t include traditional gyms, pools, and spa centres. Among new services, offered by hotels, one can find hotel rooms with humidified air and bacteria cleansers. Modern hotel rooms must help their visitors to reduce jet lag and induce good sleep. Guests are also very pleased with in-room fitness equipment and various fitness and health programs and provide guests with valuable tips and can be used at home.

Some hotels already offer technology free vacations, and they have found positive feedback from customers. Surrounded by laptops, smartphones, tablet pcs and other gadgets, these “digital detox” programs are exactly what many people need. The frantic pace of modern life has also given rise to another popular trend – micro naps. Private napping cabins have appeared not only in hotels and spa centres, but also in airports. These cabins help treating jet lag and prepare for the next day. Some airports even offer full-size beds in first-class cabins.

The popularity of non-religious spiritual practises is increasing year after year. Various spiritual pilgrimages and temple stays will surely find their adherents. Local healing traditions are a part of this trend.

This year, more companies are expected to combine corporate meetings with health improvement programs. Finally, family travel, when several generations make a vacation together, is named as the last trend. Today’s grandparents are more active and they want to travel, so travel industry offers various programs for family tours.


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