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Queen Elizabeth 2 is Likely to Become a Hotel in Asia

News It has been revealed that soon the famous passenger liner Queen Elizabeth 2 may be converted into a luxury hotel in Asia. This year, the ship is to leave a Dubai port, where it stood idle four years, and will make its last voyage to the place, where the beautiful ship will be used as a hotel.

The ship’s owner doesn’t disclose the final destination of the ship, but reporters found the map of the voyage, and it ended in China. Most probably, the Queen Elizabeth 2 will be docked in Shanghai or Hong Kong.

The ship will be renovated by the Singapore-based Oceanic Group that has already promised to take good care of it. The Oceanic Group will turn the vessel into a large hotel with 500 guestrooms. The news came after almost four years of silence. Since the ship’s purchase in 2007 for US$100 million, the Queen Elizabeth 2 has been docked in Dubai. Its owner planned to turn the ship into a seafaring center with a hotel, but this plan was postponed. The ship’s owner is a state company and it has already invested large money into new ambitious projects, such as theme parks and the Dubai Mall, known as the largest mall in the world. At the same time, tourism is a fast-growing sector in China, and so investors try to bring interesting themed resorts to the country.

Before making a journey to the east, the Queen Elizabeth 2 will undergo a full check that will prove its seaworthiness. It may take two-three months to perform that check. The ship’s engine, hull, and some other systems also need to be upgraded – the equipment of the 45-year-old ship is a bit outdated, but its interior is well-maintained and is in great condition. Even though the ship will be brought to China, its owner will not be changed.

The Queen Elizabeth 2 was built in Britain in 1967. It started making voyages and since then the ship has made 26 round-the-world voyages. After it was docked in Dubai, the ship’s fate was unclear. There was even news that it may be sold for scrap. Currently, Dubai officials do not reject the fact that one day the ship may start making voyages again.


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