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Top 2012 Trends in the Area of Customer Loyalty

News Loyalty 360, the association of marketers specializing on the problems of customers’ loyalty, has issued its yearly report concerning the main trends of the next year. As attracting guests and developing loyal customers is the main target of any hotel, we can expect hotels to follow these recommendations.

Today many people can get extra beneficial offers using websites like LivingSocial or Groupon, so price stops being the only important factor for hoteliers. They try to attract loyal customers by additional services, technologies, and brand recognition.

In such situation each customer is valuable and so feedback becomes very important. In 2012 many famous hotel chains may launch their own call centers, where customers can report their problems or complains. Today hoteliers believe that only great customer experience can make customers return in future.

Having own call center can be a bit pricey for smaller chains, so the importance of social media will be only increasing in 2012. Marketers will use social media feedback as a basis for their analysis. Customers may also expect new promotions and campaigns in social networks.

Mobile networking is the new area that attracts hoteliers. Mobile coupons will become very popular and, according to Juniper Research, their yearly turnover will estimate US$43 billion by 2016, so get your smartphone ready. All hoteliers will steadily open mobile versions of their websites, allowing booking rooms from smartphones – today the total volume of mobile transactions already reaches US$240 billion.

Finally, rewards and loyalty programs will also become more personalized. People will be attracted by ability to get presents for their points, and will get special rewards for referring friends.


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