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Main 2012 Trends For Hotels’ Restaurants

News Andrew Freeman & Co has made a forecast concerning the next year’s main trends in hospitality. What will be hot in restaurants and bars of best hotels around the world? Check this article to find out more!

According to Andrew Freeman & Co, the main product of 2012 will be… potato. Menus of restaurants may become full of various dishes made of this vegetable. Fried potatoes with various cut, crispness and widest variety of sauces; restaurant made potato chips and unusual mixings – guests will be surely pleased by the new cuisine.

The next boom will be ice cream with unusual flavors. Vanilla ice cream is not trendy anymore. How about grass, sourdough or candied beet flavors? It may sound a bit strange, but many guests of hotels may will to try such ice cream.

Thai food and noodles never lose their popularity, but they seem to become particularly popular this year. Moreover, this is a perfect choice for savvy travellers, who want to eat delicious, nourishing, but not very expensive food. Indian street food may also become very popular. Here we suggest trying kati rolls, ‘pav’ sandwiches, and various vegetables.

Hoteliers do not forget about visitors, who prefer healthy lifestyle. These travellers will be glad to know that menus of healthy and organic food will be only expanded. Next year we can expect new grain salads, high-fructose free sodas, vegetable drinks and new trend – pastries made of vegetables. Tasty and healthy food – isn’t it the dream of anyone, not just travellers?

“Dish with a biography” – chefs become more skilled and peculiar in their attempts to attract visitors. Many new dishes will have stories behind their creation. This can be some memorable date, inspiration or tribute to something or someone.

Finally, recession makes hotels to cut down their expenses and try to keep prices low, so expect seeing stripping dining rooms come back. This means you will need to pour water on your own, take bread and silver from one place, and so on.


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