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The Total Number of Tourists May Reach 1.8 Billion by 2030

News UNWTO has published quite an interesting long-term forecast concerning the total number of tourists on our planet. Every year the total number of international tourist arrivals adds 3.3%. In 2030 it may grow into a tremendous digit – 1.8 billion of people.

By the end of 2012 the total number of arrivals may reach 1 billion if this trend keeps on developing. In 2010 it estimated 940 million per year.

Emerging economies will pay a sufficient role here as international arrivals at this region are expected to grow two times faster than in the rest of the world (+4.4% per year). The most important regions here are, of course, Asia and Latin America. Experts also name Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean Europe, and Africa. These countries will add as much as 30 million arrivals more year after year. The progress of traditional destinations will be not that fast – approximately 14 million arrivals a year. The share of emerging economies in the total number of arrivals will also grow. Right now countries with advanced economies get more visitors, but this situation will be changed already in 2015.

The global market share of the regions will also change. For example, in 2010 the share of Europe estimated 51%. By 2030 it is expected to fall down to 41%. North America may grow its share a bit, but the biggest gainer will be Asia and the Pacific region (from 22% to 30%). North East Asia will also become the most visited part of the world – 16% of all arrivals will take place there.

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