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Numerous European Cities Feature Substantial Growth

News Hotels in Europe have started 2011 with much better results comparing to the previous year. There is also a possibility that the hotels will end the year with pre-recession levels of profit. Anyway, the latest report issued by HotStats provides the information about 10 main European cities. Among them only 2 feature the decrease in GOPPAR.

The most anticipated leader, London, didn’t show tremendous growth in revenues. Hotels in London had put much hope into the royal wedding, but it didn’t fulfill their expectations. Even though the hotels here show increased performance, the reason for this is in poor results of April 2010, when volcanic ash has stopped airplane flights. At the moment London hotels feature the increase of RevPAR by 11.2% (€173.83) and the rise in GOPPAR of 13.3% (€76.14).

Hotels in Amsterdam feature one of the most positive trends throughout Europe. In April 2011 GOPPAR level here increased by 43.2% (€98.46 in total). Overall, during the period starting from May 2010 till April 2011 GOPPAR level rose by 35.2%.

Budapest is also among the best achievers. The accommodations here show the growth of RevPAR of 24.9%. The performance is geared up by the rise in occupancy by 15.9% to 76.1% in total.

Finally, hotels in Dublin show the growth of GOPPAR by 41.9%.

As HotStats states, the overall satiation in the hotel business of Europe is getting better. Now we can speak of the trend of growing profits. There is still some uncertainty in some regions of Europe, but the whole situation looks very promising.

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