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British travelers decline paid hotel extras

News British travelers are not the easiest ones to part with their money. Most tourists do not like opening their wallet without any particular need. This also concerns various extra services offered by hotels in Europe. Now let’s see what paid extras cause the most stir.

According to the research held by website, the majority of travelers resent paying for Wi-Fi. More than three quarters of respondents state wireless Internet should be free.

The second place is occupied by paid car parking. British tourists say this is totally unacceptable. Morning newspapers that are not delivered for free annoy more than a half of visitors hotel in UK.

In this “hate list” there is also a place for paid bottled water. Tourists mention that they find it very disappointing when they are told to pay for bottled water that is left in their hotel rooms.

Today economic downturn touches not only hotels in Europe and America, but tourists as well, so there’s no wonder why visitors become more and more cautious of extra money they should pay. Mini bars also fall into this category. 80% of tourists who have participated in this survey say they feel “ripped off by mini bar costs”, so they prefer to buy drinks outside the hotel. Among other things people hate to pay for are gym and toiletries. The researchers also underline that nowadays travelers are more cost conscious and so they examine bills carefully before making a payment. More than a half of hotel visitors question their bills.

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