Travel guide over Hong Kong sights

The modern building of the church is not very old. It was built in 1973 on the site of another temple. That temple was built in 1921. This building is an excellent example of Chinese temple construction with traditional red pillars and a golden roof. The temple complex also includes the Wall of Nine Dragons made as an imitation of famous Beijing wall. As in other temples, Wong Tai Sin Temple is the “working area” for numerous fortunetellers. Besides this, there is a store with traditional Chinese medicines near the temple. Tourists will find beautiful Chinese gardens around the complex. One of them, Good Wish Garden, is the place where you can wish all the best to each other. … Further

Extraordinary places and attractions in Hong Kong

Having admired the unusual face of Hong Kong, it’s time to return to the stone jungle by ferry and then right away move to the real jungle, namely, to Sai Kung Nature Reserve. Many people consider the megalopolis a completely unsuitable place for hiking, forgetting about nature attractions located nearby. Tourists will find not only standard excursions and walks in the park. As excursion programs are developed by locals themselves, you can find some very interesting and exclusive routes that include hiking to the top of a mountain, walks to romantic beaches, and observation of exotic animals. When you feel tired and want to recharge after a long walk, a private guide will take you to Sai Kung Village on a private boat. The village is famous for its quality restaurants. The services of private guides are typical for Hong Kong. Many private guides collaborate with tourist centers and hotels. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Hong Kong

As for meat, the menus of local restaurants often have game cooked with various spices. Meat here is usually cooked in another way than Europeans steaks and chops. Dairy products are rarely used in the national cuisine. Even the dough for baking is usually made on water by local chefs. However, the quality of baking is simply great. Green tea remains the favorite drink of local residents. National restaurants and tea houses usually offer more than a hundred of varieties of green tea. The drink is traditionally made without sugar, so travelers usually order cakes filled with fruit or soy cakes. … Further

Stylish hotels of Hong Kong

The designer hotel Butterfly on Morrison can be safely called a paragon of European style. Its elegant rooms with much daylight are traditionally ranked high by all travelers. White color dominates in the design, which is mixed with furniture and accessories in tender pink, blue, and turquoise colors. Large panoramic windows of the hotel offer heart-warming views of lively streets. In the evening, it’s possible to create the artistic lighting effect in guest rooms because of numerous lamps with colorful shades. … Further

Review on top hotels of Hong Kong

Located nearby, InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong is an icon of modern style and luxury. Visitors will find spacious rooms with king size beds and panoramic windows that offer beautiful views of the lively waterfront. Fans of unusual pastime need to visit the roof of the building where they will find a swimming pool and comfortable terraces with lounge chairs. If you’re into sports, the hotel’s gym with modern cardio machines will leave you impressed. … Further
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