Travel guide over Grande Baie sights

A special attraction, where you can fully experience the national flavor, is the market Grand Baie Bazar. This is the largest and most colorful shopping complex on the island, along which you can stroll in search of new beach clothes, hats, popular national delicacies, exotic fruits and spices. On the territory of this shopping complex, there are several attractive national restaurants with very affordable prices. Fans of gambling should definitely visit the Senator Casino, which is considered one of the most prestigious vacation spots on the island. In this beautiful casino, visitors are presented with a large selection of gaming tables. There is also a cozy bar where you can taste elite alcoholic drinks and refreshing cocktails. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Grande Baie

An interesting dish is "Biryani" made from rice, several varieties of meat and fish. It is noteworthy that each chef uses special spices to prepare this dish, so Biryani may taste differently from restaurant to restaurant. “Puri” sandwiches are popular as light appetizers to start a meal with. Flatbread for sandwiches is made from a special type of flour with the addition of a wide variety of toppings, from fruit slices and fresh salads to seafood and meat. The sandwiches are necessarily served with several types of sauces. … Further

Stylish hotels of Grande Baie

A couple of minutes’ walk from the coast is situated one of the resort’s most vibrant and charming hotels – the Royal Sunset Hotel. Its luxurious rooms are decorated in various colors, giving guests the opportunity to choose a room in cherry, orange, or yellow colors. All rooms are distinguished by the presence of handmade dark wooden furniture, as well as a variety of exquisite fabrics. Thanks to the presence of large panoramic windows, the rooms are well lit, just as the original designer lamps and fresh flowers give a special romantic feel to the atmosphere. … Further

Review on top hotels of Grande Baie

The first-class Hotel 20° SUD occupies a special place among the hotels in the resort. It is located in one of the quietest and picturesque areas of the resort area. The exclusive luxury rooms which are decorated in a colonial style are especially popular among wealthy guests of the hotel; each of these rooms has a large canopy bed. Hotel guests will have the opportunity to choose a room with a private pool or an outdoor Jacuzzi. As additional services, the hotel has at the disposal of its customers, three restaurants of various specializations and a large spa with a swimming pool, as well as an equipped private beach. … Further
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