Travel guide over Christchurch sights

Nature fans will genuinely enjoy their visit to Hagley Park. This large park has become home to hundreds of tree and plant types brought from different parts of the world. The park has a developed infrastructure for relaxation. Its territory includes golf courses and even special paths for horse riding. Besides rare plants and landscape decorations, the territory of the park includes several symbolic monuments. … Further

Most fashionable hotels in Christchurch

One more high-class hotel, The Grange B&B, is another quality and attractive place. This hotel is open in a beautiful mansion that dates back to 1874. It’s an amazing place for travelers who prefer to stay a comfortable, home-like atmosphere. Each of the five guest rooms has an individual design, but all of them have a large bed, lamps of unusual shapes, large mirrors, lusters and furniture in retro style. Convenient location close to such signature landmarks as Hagley Park and the Botanical garden make The Grange B&B an irresistible choice for fans of excursions. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Christchurch

Some city restaurants are designed for residents. You can taste dishes made from an earthen oven there. They can also be ordered in places for well-off tourists. The use of this type of oven goes back to an incredibly ancient Maori tradition. The earthen oven is used in everyday life only in small villages today. This thing is simple. It has long been a decoration of the kitchens of restaurants and cafes. Meat, vegetables, and root vegetables are cooked in an earthen oven. The cooking process is quite simple. The ingredients are wrapped in leaves or foil. They are covered with earth and stones. The fire is built on top. The dish will be ready in three to four hours. … Further

Best beaches of Christchurch

The silent Taylors Mistake beach is conveniently located among green hills. It’s equally popular with fans of solitude and surfers. There is a popular surfing school that is open near the beach, so Taylors Mistake is a great choice for beginner sportsmen. Guests of this beach will also have a fantastic opportunity to make their relaxation even more interesting by exploring this picturesque area. There are several popular trails not far from Taylors Mistake. … Further

Guide on cultural sights

From an architectural point of view, there are other wonderful landmarks in the city, such as Christchurch City Hall. Initially, this building was made of wood, but during an extensive restoration, it was decided to add the stone fa├žade. The city hall is located not far from the cathedral, so it is an essential part of all excursions in Christchurch. Nearby, on picturesque Latimer Square, you will find another place of interest - Christchurch Club, one of the most unusual and attractive buildings in the city. The club was built in 1861. More than a hundred years ago, the beautiful wooden building was a usual meeting place for local tycoons and farm owners. … Further
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