Travel guide over Cancun sights

Among the cultural institutions, it is worth noting the Anthropological Museum. The opening of this museum was held relatively recently, in 2006. Among its exhibits, you can see toys and handicrafts made by local craftsmen: unique paintings, masks and sculptures, incredibly beautiful jewelry, objects from ceramics and glass. This museum is devoted to the most diverse kinds of folk art of Mexico. Since its opening, it has been one of the most visited in the country. On the territory of the museum, there is an excellent souvenir shop selling hand-made articles from various regions of the country. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Cancun

Fans of French cuisine will surely like Du Mexique restaurant. The choice of dishes is also very impressive, starting from traditional first course dishes and popular side dishes to savory treats and delicacies. Like any quality French restaurant, Du Mexique offers an impressive wine list. Original dishes from Caribbean cuisine are offered in La Habichuela Downtown restaurant. This beautiful and cozy restaurant is a great place for various celebrations. In the evening live music always plays in La Habichuela Downtown, and guests enjoy interesting entertainment programs. … Further

Guide on cultural sights

Isla Mujeres is known as the most famous natural attraction of the Island. It was discovered by travelers relatively not long ago - in 1517. Explorers discovered ancient statues of beautiful women on this island. These statues were constructed by the Mayans and symbolized power of the goddess of fertility. The island has got its name because of these beautiful statues. Travelers can see them even today. … Further

Attractions and nightlife of Cancun

In addition to beach activities, Cancun offers its guests to attend numerous sports clubs and golf centers. In this city visitors will find playgrounds for children, modern gym, and of course numerous tennis courts. A significant part of night clubs, discos and bars is located near beaches. As a rule, during the daytime such establishments work as usual cafes, and in the evening they prepare special entertainment programs and delicacies for their guests. … Further
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