Travel guide over Buenos Aires sights

San Telmo. Once San Telmo, the oldest district in Buenos Aires, used to be the place, where the elite lived. In 1870, during the epidemic of yellow fever, the aristocracy left San Telmo and moved to the north of the city. A lot of emigrants rushed into this area and the houses of the rich were turned into «conventillos». In 1970 some of these historical buildings were restored. Nowadays, San Telmo is a picturesque area with antique shops, Colonial architecture and plenty of ancient churches (for example, San Pedro Telmo). Some streets are still cobbled. Visiting San Telmo on Sunday is a great idea, because on this day Plaza Dorrego, the heart of the district, turns into a flea market and the streets are crowded with jugglers and tango dancers. Travellers, who are fond of tango, should definitely visit famous tango cafes, such as El Viejo Almacén, Michelangelo, La Casa Blanca and La Casa Rosada. … Further

Extraordinary places and attractions in Buenos Aires

One of the most unusual and little-known landmarks of Buenos Aires is located right behind your feet. This is the blue metro line (A) that connects Plaza di Mayo and Primera Junta. Make sure you visit it since that line is a true historic object that hasn’t changed during last 50 years or more. Old ticket barriers and offices, old ceramic tiles on the walls and, the most important, retro metro coaches with mirrors – a simple metro ride can become a true adventure to the past. Savvy tourists will be pleased with the price of such an adventure as metro tickets are quite cheap in Buenos Aires. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Buenos Aires

Fans of Mediterranean delicacies should not forget to visit the restaurant named Amici Miei. Here work several famous chefs, who prepare dishes in a special way, making each of them a true original author's masterpiece. Cafe del Arbol is located near Dorrego square. This is a cozy place, a part of the tables of which are located on the café’s terrace. Visitors of this amazing café usually go to the main hall only after sunset. The mail hall of the cafe is decorated with elegant wooden furniture. Here guests can enjoy largest selection of salads and appetizers, interesting desserts and drinks. When it comes to describing local bars, we simply cannot fail to mention Britanico, which is very popular among creative people and representatives of artistic professions. It was opened in a beautiful old building. Just like many years ago, this place is preferred by artists, writers and musicians, who enjoy spending here their leisure time. … Further

Stylish hotels of Buenos Aires

If you don’t look at the classic façade of Room Mate Carlos and step in immediately, the ultra-modern inner design will look simply spectacular. Creative design of the lobby in light green shades reminds of the underwater life and seaweed. The eccentric combination of abstract shaped lamps creates quite an odd futuristic view. The designers used geometric shapes, contrast bright colors, glass doors in pop-art style and many other interesting and unusual items, making the Room Mate Carlos a great hotel for modern travelers. … Further

Review on top hotels of Buenos Aires

Right after its opening, Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt has become one of the trendiest and most luxurious hotels in Buenos Aires. It’s enough to look at the royal-like ladder of the hotel to understand that this is high-class accommodation. Inside, guests will find magnificent rooms with beautiful classic furniture and paintings by talented modern artists. The hotel is also famous for its outstanding dancing halls, where everyone will learn how to dance the tango, and a premium wine cellar with a rich collection of rare wine. Palacio Duhau is a true oasis of silence and peace in the heart of Buenos Aires. … Further
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