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Bosnian Pyramid

From the series “Top Survived Pyramids from Previous Civilizations”
Today, the Bosnian pyramids are considered a pseudo-scientific sensation that has shattered the world about ten years ago. The unique geological formations, located in the surroundings of Visoko, have attracted researchers from all over the world. These are the huge pyramid-shaped green hills covered with forest. The explorers, inspired by the discovery, have assumed that the hills conceal the largest pyramids in the world, called the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon.
The Visotitsa hill, which consists of two pyramid-shaped heights, is regarded as a unitary geological formation. Its height is 213 meters. After extensive research, the scientists have confirmed that the hill was created by the natural forces and the human being did not participate in his education. Nevertheless, there are still the followers of the original version of the pyramid origin, as well as the amateur researcher Semir Osmanagitsch.
In 2006, the great archaeological research began under his direction. After the excavations the Bosnian pyramids were graded. The researchers claimed that they were discovering the secret tunnel and the entrances into the pyramid during the excavations. However, there is no documented proof of their scientific achievements. The incredible theory of Semir Osmanagitsch is confirmed by the fact that the sides of the pyramid hill are exactly aligned to the directions of the heavens, which makes it similar to the legendary Egyptian pyramids and the pyramids of Maya. ... Complete sights collection

Avaz Twist Tower

From the series “Twisted Spiral Buildings and Towers That Are Real”
One of the most original skyscrapers of the Balkan Peninsula is to be found in the city of Sarajevo. The twisting skyscraper Avaz Twist Tower is the highest in the country and reaches 176 meters. There is a skyscraper on the territory of the Mariin Dvor business district. It is monolithic and is lined with a very beautiful blue glass. The 39-storey skyscraper was built between 2006 and 2009. Avaz company was the customer of its construction. The best specialists of ADS Group Sarajevo, led by architect Faruk Kapidzic, worked on the tower project.
At present, Avaz headquarters are located in the skyscraper, as well as the newspaper Dnevni avaz. In addition, in the skyscraper is a famous Sarajevo Radon Plaza Hotel, and several of its floors are rented for offices. One of the most attractive features of the skyscraper for tourists is a restaurant located at a 100-meter height, from the hall of which opens a chic panoramic view of the capital. Many tourists prefer to admire the skyscraper after sunset, when part of its facade is decorated with spectacular artistic illumination. ... Complete sights collection

Lukomir Village

From the series “The Most Cozy Towns Full of Zen”
In Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the enchanting mountain area, there is the amazing village of Lukomir. Only a few travelers know about its existence. This village is securely hidden from prying eyes among insurmountable Dinaric Alps. It is the most isolated village that is far remote from major cities of the country. The ambience at the countryside remained unchanged for hundreds of years. A trip there becomes a real journey into the medieval Europe for many travelers.
You can see the old stone houses of local residents in the village. Numerous amazing attractions are situated in the nearest vicinity. Here you can walk through the picturesque mountain areas, see centuries-old forests, and admire the rapid waterfalls. The way of life in a village is very special. Its residents deliberately abandoned all the benefits of civilization. Thus, even now, there is no electricity and running water.
As many hundreds of years ago, indigenous people sew clothes by themselves. Locals wear beautiful national costumes and conduct a number of amazing national rituals. Travelers who want to visit this special village, which is lost in the mountains, have to consider that they can reach it by foot only. Guided tours for tourists are held only during warmer months. With the onset of winter cold it becomes very dangerous to go mountain hiking. ... Complete sights collection

Livno Town

From the series “Small Flamboyant Towns Painted with Van Gogh Colors”
In Bosnia and Herzegovina there is the ancient town of Livno. The first settlement there was founded by the Dalmatians more than 4 000 years ago. Subsequently, these places were inhabited by the Romans. Today, the town is the centre of the eponymous community. The population is more than 10 000 people. The first mention of Livno dates back to the end of the 9th century. The town reached its heyday during the Ottoman rule.
During that period, the most magnificent palaces were built  in the town. Now you can see several surviving mosques and other historical monuments. The town is very convenient to explore on foot. It has both the modern area with numerous shops and restaurants, and a picturesque historic district, which became a favorite place for tourists to walk. The city has modern hotels; the most prestigious among them are located on the waterfront of the River Bistrica.
The Franciscan museum with an extensive collection of historical artifacts and The Gorica Gallery are sure to appeal to art lovers. The town is nice for quiet measured rest. There are no noisy entertainment venues, so Livno is often visited by tourists with children. The best time to rest in this picturesque area is summer. Many hotels feature swimming pools. There is an incredibly beautiful park with fountains and sculptures in the downtown. ... Complete sights collection

Monument to Battle of Kozar

From the series “The most famous buildings of communism”
The unusual monument became known to the world thanks to the unique work of the famous Belgian photographer Jan Kempenars. This monument was erected in memory of the Battle of Kozara. The Battle of Kozara was one of the bloodiest for Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Second World War. German troops managed to destroy about 1,700 partisans during this battle. Almost the same number of them were sent to concentration camps. The competition for the design of this monument, which is symbolic for the country, was announced in 1969. Architect Dusan Dzamonja became its winner.
The construction of the unusual monument was fully completed in 1972. It has a non-standard cylindrical shape. Vertical segments form the structure of the monument. They are made of steel. Such a structure has a very symbolic meaning. As the author of the project explains, all the voids in the monument symbolize death. They are kind of symbols of enemy forces. Outstanding blocks are a symbol of life and victory.
The memorial wall is located nearby. It is an important part of the monument. The names of all the Yugoslav partisans who died during the war were engraved on it. An interesting museum is open on the territory of the Memorial Complex today. It is dedicated to the difficult wartime for the country. Experienced tourists note that it is more interesting to admire the monument in the summer. Dense green vegetation covers the top of the mountain at this time. The tall monument looks simply unique against its background. It is especially interesting to admire it from a height, during helicopter walks. ... Complete sights collection
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