Travel guide over Balaclava sights

Since the resort is quite small, a lot of entertainment for tourists is organized beyond its surroundings. Boat trips can be varied with walks in the nature reserve, located in the immediate vicinity of Balaklava. Local tropical forests are home to many rare birds, which can not be seen anywhere else on the planet. Ornithologists come here especially to photograph the rare pink pigeon and paradise flycatchers, which fascinate by their tiny size and colourful feathers.  … Further

Most fashionable hotels in Balaclava

Mriya Hotel situated in the Balaklava Bay, a few steps from the coast, is a unique accommodation place. A huge wooden model of an old ship integral with a spacious covered terrace is mounted at the entrance to the hotel. The place is designed in romantic style based on light wood furniture and drapery of light-colored satin. Design of the restaurant made in nautical theme is particularly noteworthy. Classic chairs in a bar are replaced by huge wooden barrels; the walls of the restaurant are adorned with portraits of famous pirates. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Balaclava

Curry remains one of the most popular dishes with tourists. As a rule, local chefs add various fillings to rice: chicken fillet, prawns, shrimps, and vegetables. Another popular local dish – biryani - tastes like curry and has a similar recipe, but biryani has fish filet added to rice. Tourists, who plan to save on dining during their stay on Mauritius, will virtually fall in love with local puri sandwiches that are served in numerous cafes and bistros. Samosa pancakes with various fillings are a no less attractive and delicious dish. As a rule, local chefs use fish, meat, and vegetables as a filling. … Further

Guide on cultural sights

Chamarel waterfalls are a no less interesting excursion object. A tour to the waterfalls includes the exploration of the gorgeous mountain region. During an excursion, visitors will learn much interesting about the diversity of local flora and fauna. Continue your acquaintance with the region’s fauna in the fabulous Bird and Crocodile Park. All animals live in spacious and comfortable cages that are similar to the natural habitat of different species. These are just some of the landmarks that all guests of Mauritius will enjoy exploring. Having explored all main places of interest in Balaclava, tourists might want to head to the nearby regions. These areas still have many old buildings, national settlements, and unique natural places of interest that wait to be explored. … Further
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