Travel guide over Amman sights

In the near vicinity of the city many interesting ancient attractions are present, among which Ahl al Kahf necropolis deserves special attention. For local residents it remains a sacred place, the necropolis was founded in ancient caves. A lot of curious stories are connected with it, and many interesting artefacts were found during the archaeological research.  … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Amman

The restaurants of the local cuisine will surely offer their guests to try the dish named maklube. This is a hearty casserole with lamb (or chicken), potatoes, rice and eggplants. The meat is fried with eggplants and potatoes in a large frying pan, then rice is poured on top and the casserole is stewed on small heat. When the dish is ready, it is carefully flipped onto a large platter, so the rice becomes the bottom layer and the vegetables and meat are on the top. … Further

Stylish hotels of Amman

It would be difficult to find an equal to Marriott Amman Hotel in terms of interior. Exclusive noble woods and rare marble were used for finish; luxurious rooms feature huge panoramic windows. All rooms have gorgeous carpet with patterns and designer furniture in the style of yesteryear. The restaurant and the lounge are decorated with abundance of flowers. Artistic lighting complements the ambience. … Further

Review on top hotels of Amman

The luxury hotel Grand Hyatt Amman isn’t deprived of the attention of wealthy travelers, as it provides a huge selection of exclusive rooms. One of the most luxurious suites is Grand; the cost of accommodation there is more than 500 USD per night. Such a suite covers an area of 86 m2; it has a gorgeous bathroom decorated with rare marble and a cozy sitting room with a large picture window. The real pride of the hotel is the restaurant 32º North combined with an oyster bar. This complex offers customers a large selection of seafood. … Further
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