Travel guide over Addis Ababa sights

Those interested in historical sites will be curious to visit the Church of St. George. This Church was built in 1896 and then completely destroyed during the fire in 1937, to be eventually completely restored 4 years later. The Church is connected with many interesting facts from the history of the city, for example, in 1917 the Empress Zewditu was crowned in it. Currently, part of the church is a museum, which contains a fascinating collection of ancient weapons and other historical artefacts. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Addis Ababa

The process of serving dishes is also slightly different from the one people from European countries are used to. Almost all food is laid out on a special flat cake with a diameter of about 50 cm. Thus, it serves as the main "cutlery", as local people use neither forks nor knives habitual for Europeans during the meal. Many restaurants are always full of foreign guests, so a standard set of cutlery is provided immediately upon request of the client. The most popular drink is coffee, the brewing of which looks like a real ceremony. In many coffee houses, coffee beans are fried and ground in front of visitors, and this process is no less interesting and fascinating than a well-known tea ceremony. … Further

Stylish hotels of Addis Ababa

Fans of contemporary style and custom design are sure to enjoy Homage Hotel. Due to the abundance of unusual accessories, its premises look simply irresistible. Rooms are full of bright colors and pearly fabrics; sparkling chandeliers and unique lamps add special charm to the premises. Soft mats on the floor, amazing pictures in wooden frames and an abundance of luxurious fabrics make rooms incredibly impressive and harmonious. … Further

Review on top hotels of Addis Ababa

One of the most notable prestigious hotels in the city is Jupiter International Hotel Bole; both budget travelers and connoisseurs of luxury could choose something suitable there. Luxury suites are decorated in gold tones with drapery of exquisite satin and velvet. All guestrooms have original paintings by local artists; thanks to built-in small ceiling fixtures and table lamps everyone can adjust the lighting to suit his taste. The hotel has a large gym and a great bar decorated in style of yesteryear. … Further
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