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Driving in Dominikana – Recommendations, Tips and Tricks

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12. Fraud remains one of major “traffic problems”. In no case should drivers carry valuable items with them. Of course, leaving belongings in a parked car is also very dangerous.
13. According to local regulations, the driver is not required to carry the original driving license and other car documents. In case of a police check, it is enough to show copies of the documents, they will be considered legitimate.
14. You should stop your vehicle only if that is requested by a police officer or an AMET service officer (in the Dominican Republic there is a special service known as AMET that monitors compliance with the traffic regulations). It is very simple to distinguish an AMET officer as they wear green uniform.

Hints on Car Hire in Dominikana

When choosing a car for your Dominikana trip, don’t forget to check and compare the franchise amount (indicated in the rental conditions) for all cars considered in your selection. The franchise may vary from 200 to 2000 euro/dollars even for cars of the same class. A thorough comparison will allow you to choose the option with the lowest franchise.

During your booking, we will offer you to take a full coverage of the franchise ('No Risk' or 'No Excess' package). If you book a car without full coverage, it is recommended to take it at the pick-up time - this will substantially reduce your financial liability in Dominikana for the whole rental period.

During your car pick-up in Dominikana, do not forget to check what to do in breakdown-, accident- or theft-cases. Most of our offers include 'Breakdown Assistance' package. Besides this, every rental office would be happy to assist you with this package.

Prior to the car return, please check your voucher for the fuel conditions. If it is indicated that a driver shall return the car with a full tank, do not forget to refuel it on the way back, this will save you from additional charges at the rental office.

If you are looking for a car hire in Dominikana, we advise you to check actual rental offers. Just use the orange search form at the top. We guarantee that you would not be able to find better rates anywhere else!
15. Please do not forget that AMET officers have no right to collect fines on the spot. They can only give you a fine bill. Use that bill to make the payment in every bank branch.
16. As a rule, local drivers use sound signals actively to warn other road users of their presence on the road. It is safe to say that they use car horn more frequently than the brake pedal, and this is another reason to be extremely cautious on the road.
17. Experienced drivers recommend being very careful when driving in settlements. When approaching crossroads and sharp turns, make sure you slow down. Looking into side mirrors often is also a good idea.
18. In the Dominican Republic, local drivers rarely use turn signals. The best thing they can do is to warn of the upcoming maneuver by waving their hands. Many cars simply have broken turn signals because technical inspection in the country is not mandatory.
19. Many intersections have “speed bumps”. However, in the Dominican Republic these speed limiters, which are so familiar to many drivers, are distinguished by quite an impressive size.
20. Many local petrol stations sell fuel in gallons. If we calculate the cost of petrol in more familiar liters, the price will be approximately US$1 – 1.2 per one liter.
21. The rule of using high beams deserves a separate mention. It is safe to say that there are absolutely no rules concerning high beams, so, at night, they are used always and everywhere. Needless to say, that brings a lot of inconvenience to drivers who move in the opposite direction. You may encounter such a situation both in settlements and on country roads.
22. Local drivers pay very little attention to lanes on the road. From time to time you will see drivers who move in the middle of the road, occupying both lanes at the same time. You shouldn’t expect that the driver will move to one lane and give way to your car as soon as he sees it. Most likely, he will continue driving in the middle of the road.
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