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Climate and best seasons to visit Poland. Actual weather forecast

Evening in Warsaw On the territory of Poland, there is a constant battle between the warm and humid Atlantic air masses and the Eastern Continental ones, which provokes a drought in summer and a severe cold in winter. That is why it is difficult to call the weather in the country “stable”. A warm and sunny morning after a few hours can be replaced by a damp and rainy weather with heavy thunder-gusts. In general, winter and summer in the country are presented quite brightly but it is not the case for inter-seasonal periods. Moderate continental climate manifests itself in all its glory with the onset of December. The air immediately becomes frosty and the ground is shrouded in considerable snow. The average temperature in the country ranges from -3°C to 1°C. At night, the temperature can drop down to -6°C.
A huge number of monuments of history and architecture wait for tourists in Poland. You could learn about the difficult life of the Polish people. The …
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Large flows of Atlantic masses in January provoke an even lower temperature. During the day the air is rarely warmer than 3°C and the night temperature drops to between -8°C to -9°C. Precipitation in January is a rare thing. However because of the absence of thaws, snow remains throughout the entire December. In northwestern Poland, the climate is more humid and mild. In January, snow may be seen to be gradually melting and the air temperature is within 1°C. In February, snow-covered areas are usually only in the mountainous regions of the country. The air gradually warms up and does not fall below -1°C in the daytime. In winter however, the temperature can still reach -5°C.
Spring in Poland comes quite quickly, although in March there is a rather unstable weather. The daily temperature reaches 5°C but at night, slight frosts continue to occur. In coastal regions, strong flurries occur usually in March. Quite often during this period, warnings of storm are announced but there have not been any strong hurricanes of a destructive nature in recent decades. Therefore, this can be considered simply as a formal precautionary measure. The real heat of spring in Poland comes according to calendar data and falls on the middle of April. At this time, the air temperature is at least 13°C. Nature gradually comes to life and the air is filled with incredible flavors of flowering flora. At night, the temperature does not fall below 2°C. The weather on the Baltic coasts in this period is the coldest of all. Quite often, during the day the air temperature there exceeds the threshold of 9°C. In May, the number of sunny days prevails and the air warms up to 20°C. In the evenings and at nights notwithstanding, it is still chilly (about 8°C). The climate in this period however continues to be unstable. Sometimes the night with relatively small frosts can be followed by a warm sunny day. Copyright
Poland has the richest natural resources. The coast of the Baltic Sea is to the north. About a third of the entire territory is occupied by …
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With the onset of June, the weather becomes even warmer. As a rule, the average temperature in Poland in early summer is at least 22°C. During this month, precipitation falls quite often and the air temperature in the daytime can drop to 10°C. The air flows are moderate enough, but increased humidity is already beginning to be felt. In July, in the northern and western parts of Poland, rather humid and cool weather is prevalent while the opposite part of the country enjoys sunny days and hot weather. There, the air temperature can reach 25°C. Nevertheless, there is the same high probability of a sharp deterioration in weather and precipitation. August in Poland is even more unstable. The temperature simply fluctuates up and down. In cloudy weather, the air temperature can drop to 26°C, but as soon as the sun comes out, the air immediately warms up to 24°C. At night it is already much colder, about 12°C. Then again, the sea warms up to a maximum of 22°C.
Krakow in June In September the weather in Poland is still warm and unpredictable. One third of all September days are characterized by prolonged precipitation. The average temperature is 20°C, although in some places the autumn season starts with air warmed up to 25°C. In October, the number of sunny days is even lesser. If it does not rain, the weather will still remain dank and cloudy. In the Baltic Sea area at night, the first frosts maybe witnessed. During the day, the air temperature drops sharply beyond the 14-degree mark and at night, the temperature drops even below 5°C. The softest and warmest weather in this period is noticed in the central regions. In November, we have a typical autumn pattern: heavy leaden clouds, gloomy weather, damp, regular precipitation, and flurries which often inflicts damage to property of locals. The weather is especially rampant in the mountainous regions of the country. During the day, the temperature of the air warms up to 6°C and at night the air is about zero degrees.

Top periods for vacation in Poland

Poland will be an interesting place for tourists at any time of the year. However, depending on the chosen time for travel, the country will be able to offer quite a lot of diverse entertainment. The peak of the tourist season falls at the end of spring and lasts until the end of summer. During this period, you can not only enjoy a fascinating beach holiday but also engage in a comprehensive rehabilitation. This is because the country has ideal conditions created for this. Also, quite a lot of tourists decide to celebrate Christmas and all the New Year holidays in Poland in order to enjoy interesting European traditions and the incredible street celebrations. The lowest tourist inflow in Poland is observed during the off-season. To somehow lure vacationers, tour operators and local hotels offer simply stunning discounts on tours. During the off-season you can enjoy shopping, sightseeing, visiting the most picturesque corners of the country, or scouting areas for setting up a business.
Shoppers will be able to find both shops of world-famous brands and an abundance of local products that have no analogues in the world. The largest …
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If the purpose of your visit to Poland is excursions and acquaintance with the historical heritage of the country, then the best time for the trip is from the end of May to the end of September. During this period, the weather will be quite warm, and the amount of precipitation minimal. However, at this time practically all popular tourist sites like ancient castles and mysterious fortresses are simply closed to visitors. The whole western part of Poland is bordered by the simply delightful Baltic Sea. And despite the fact that Poland has not yet been associated with tourists seeking beach holidays, it is in the summer time that thousands of travelers come here for the sake of sunbathing, salutary air and sea pleasures. The swimming season opens in the first days of June and lasts until the end of August. The September autumn period is however not suitable since with the beginning of autumn, the air temperature drops sharply. Another great way to spend time in Poland is on a cruise, both domestic and international (to Sweden and Denmark). Any season is suitable for this type of entertainment. However, the highest prices of course are in summer.
If you are looking for an economical alternative to European ski resorts, then you should pay attention to Poland. The season opens from the beginning of December and ends around the twentieth of March. The most expensive and crowded tours to ski resorts take place during the New Year and Christmas holidays. The country has developed a comprehensive infrastructure such that these resorts can also be visited at any time of the year. Nevertheless, it will be most comfortable for you from May to mid-August although prices will be somewhat more expensive. If your goal is to travel to Poland for shopping, then it is worth knowing that there are two large sales in the country. The first is in the period from Christmas to mid-January. The second week of sales however, starts from the end of July and lasts until mid-August. If you want to get as close to local traditions as possible and understand the Polish mentality, it is recommended to plan your visit such that it will coincide with the large-scale celebrations. For example, on the 11th day of November Independence Day is celebrated, on April 1st – April fool’s day (an exciting day of jokes), February 14th – St. Valentine’s Day, January 21st and 22nd – Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Day respectively and on December 6th – St. Nicholas’ Day. On these days, simply mind-blowing bright celebrations and festivals which are worth visiting by every tourist are held across the country.

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Travel advices for top cities of Poland

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3. Public transport of the city is represented by the net of trams and buses, which can be used for unhampered travelling on Poznan’s territory. Ticket’s price depends on the route’s distance, usually it costs from 0.5 to 1 euro. People who are going to use public transport often can buy the season ticket, which … Read more
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3. A taxi should be taken from the specialized parking lots or called by telephone, stopping cars in the streets is not customary. The highest rates are offered by taxi cars parked in close vicinity to railroad stations and hotels. 4. You can add some tips if you like the service in restaurants and cafés. However … Read more

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