Travel guide over New York sights

Statue of Liberty.
Statue of Liberty is a symbol of not only New York, but also the United States. The forty six meter tall statue made of copper was presented to the US by French people. The idea belonged to the historian and writer Édouard René Lefebvre de Laboulaye who offered to give the statue as a symbol of friendship between France and America in 1865. Almost twenty years later, in 1886, the statue was placed in New York. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in New York

Union Square is a truly attractive gastronomic facility. In addition to the dishes representing national cuisine the restaurant’s menu contains many Italian specialties. It is worth noting that many special meals here are prepared in accordance with author's recipes. Le Bernardin restaurant is the best place to try international cuisine. This restaurant is present in the list of top ten most popular restaurants in the city. Here you will find excellent fish dishes. The restaurant’s menu is updated regularly and is complemented by delicious seafood dishes. Those, who cannot imagine a meal without tasty rolls and sushi, are recommended to visit the restaurant named Masa. Here gourmets will appreciate not only rich menu, but also excellent service. There are usually many visitors in this restaurant, so it is recommended to book tables in advance. … Further

Guide on cultural sights

Central Park is simply the best place for walks. The park’s square estimates more than 3 square kilometers. On its territory you will find children's playgrounds, sports facilities, and even a riding school. Fans of fishing will definitely find here much interesting, as well as those people, who simply want to enjoy the magnificence of nature and to escape from the city. If you want to see the panoramic views of the city, you simply need to go up to the observation deck, which is made at the teeth of the crown of the Statue of Liberty. The legendary statue, which was installed in the harbor in 1886, became one of the grandest structures in the world. Today the statue houses the exhibition of Ellis Island Immigration Museum, which tells visitors about the most striking events in the history of the country. … Further

Attractions and nightlife of New York

When night falls to the city, the club named Stir attracts visitors with all colors of neon lights. In addition to great music in this club you can enjoy delicious meals and cocktails. The club is equipped with a great bar that serves widest choice of drinks and snacks. The interior of Shebeen Club is made in African style. Exotic motifs can be traced not only in the club’s interior, but also in its music program, as well as special dishes that are offered to travelers in the club’s bar. … Further

Traditions and mentality of locals

However, local residents are distinguished by love to sport and care about their health. Simply every part of the city is equipped with special roads for runners. On mornings people of all ages go out to make a morning workout. Many people come with their families. The New Yorkers have quite a peculiar attitude towards alcohol. Drinking it on the streets is strictly prohibited. If you go to a supermarket, you'll notice that there only beer on the shelves. In order to buy other liquors, you will need to go to a specialty store. When buying liquor, a salesman will certainly ask you to show a proof of identity – any sale of alcohol to persons under 21 is prohibited. … Further
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