Travel guide over Lisbon sights

The city's architecture combines different influences in design referring to various historical periods. Here you can see the Romanesque cathedral of the XII century; several churches built in the Baroque and Manueline styles - Church of St. Vicente de Fora, St. Roque, St. Conceição Velha, the Basilica of La Estrela, the Museum of Church Art; Gothic Carmelite Monastery, a beautiful castle built in the IX - XIV centuries. Lisbon is also rich in other magnificent palaces like Sao Bento, Mafra, Ajuda, Queluz; Geographic Society Museum, a rich Photo Archive and much more. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Lisbon

Genuine ethnic speicality is «robalo» fish being a certain perch species. It possesses a perfect taste, the dish is served only in upscale restaurants. True gourmets should also try another dish named «caldeirada». It is a kind of thick soup which can be cooked with various seafoods. The process of cooking of this treat is also rather original. The potage is cooked only in special brass. … Further

Guide on cultural sights

Another interesting object of architectonic art in Lisbon is Bikush House which construction was ended in 1523. Its façade is executed in a unique style fronted with tracery stone cut as diamonds. In 1755 the construction was severely harmed with the earthquake with two upper stages totally destroyed. Nowadays the Bikush House hosts an exhibition center in which the art students and amateur artists perform their works. … Further

Attractions and nightlife of Lisbon

Lisbon meets the visitors with great variety of picturesque parks and gardens. Visitors mostly give preference to Estufa Fria and Miradouro Sao Pedro de Alcantara gardens among them. Edward VII Park is considered to be the best place in Lisbon for family leisure. Kids will love a great variety of playing and sport grounds meanwhile the parents will enjoy perfect recreation area. The park also has a special area for picnics. Lisbon Sports is considered to be one of the best golf clubs in the city. It has an excellent golf course, a great rental center of golf equipment and a nice café – the area has everything for comfy leisure. … Further

Traditions and mentality of locals

These peculiar features are extremely noticeable for city guests as peace and tranquility is reigning in the streets of Lisbon. Another exuberant character feature is the special pride in history and culture. Local people consider their nation to be unique and this conviction turns them intolerant to any comparisons of their customs and course of life to any other nations’ culture. Instead the foreigners taking interest to the history and traditions are immediately turned into welcome companion. … Further
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