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You can scale (zoom in, zoom out) the map of Ko Samui using the buttons '+' and '-'. Also use the directional arrows for interactive navigation through the map. The satellite map is available via the button 'Satellite'.

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Map of Ko Samui
Map of Ko Samui
Map of Ko Samui

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Our articles about Ko Samui:

Travel guide to Ko Samui
The most spectacular sights of the city are Butterfly Garden, which features a myriad of different types of these fabulous creatures; Monkeys and Elephants Park, Wat Ning Ngu Park with a huge statue...
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Ko Samui lifestyle and traditions
The island offers its guests to try an ethnic drink. The Magic Alambic factory produces perfect rum of sugar cane. The production was established by a married couple from France. An original drink...
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Best restaurants and cuisine of Ko Samui
Plenty of attractive restaurants of ethnic cuisine are located in the Chaweng district. Those tourists wishing to try the most popular Thai dishes should visit the Spirit House restaurant featuring a...
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'Must visit' sights in Ko Samui
However this landmark is of great popularity among curious tourists as local monks consider the statue to be one of the most sacred relics of the island. The Wat Sumret Temple is considered to be one...
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Ko Samui attractions and nightlife
One of the main features of the resort is still plenty of day spa centers visiting which will be a perfect addition to leisure and recreation during Samui vacation. Among the most popular centers...
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Travel tips for Ko Samui
1. Tourists should avoid drinking tap water and use only bottled water for drinking and cooking foods. The bottled water can be bought in any grocery store and supermarket. One should not...
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