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Great Britain

Climate and best seasons to visit Great Britain. Actual weather forecast

Coventry Council House The weather in the UK is extremely unstable. Seasons are poorly represented. However, seasonal changes are still observed. Basically, the climate in England is affected by the warm current of the Gulf Stream. That’s why the average annual air temperature here is much higher than within the given climatic zone. The coldest time in the UK, as in all of Europe, is winter. During this period, the average air temperature does not exceed 7 degrees Celsius. There may be frosts or a stable zero temperature in evenings. There is a strong wind during this period; there may be steady drizzling rain, thick fog, and even snowfalls sometimes. A fairly short duration of daylight hours, which is only about 8 hours, makes winter even more frustrating.
The UK is ideal for families with children. There is no exhausting heat even in summer months. The average air temperature in July is about 17C. There …
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With the onset of spring, the air temperature starts to increase gradually. In the middle of April, it is 15C. The days become longer, and there is more sun. Gradually, the whole flora becomes green, and the cold winds retreat. Summer in the UK could be hot and dry, as in most countries of this climatic zone. Meantime, there are incessant rains throughout the country almost every week. Although the average air temperature is about 21C in the afternoon. There are even some hot days when the temperature reaches 30C. However, this is a great rarity for the UK. The light day in the middle of summer increases to 17 hours.
With the onset of September, the average air temperature in the country may even increase slightly. Winds return to the kingdom and prepare everyone for a dark winter. In October, the rains begin. There may already be first snowfalls in November. Although, experience has shown that three autumn months in the country are most unstable. The weather in different years was radically different. Therefore, the British always carry a raincoat, an umbrella, and sunglasses during this period of time. It is worth noting that the climate in Wales is slightly different. Here, the sea climate and high humidity prevail. It’s rainy here almost every day at any time of the year. Copyright
Tourists go to the UK not only to admire the delightful views or participate in fascinating tours. The country offers excellent opportunities for …
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In Northern Ireland, the climate is also mild and humid. In summer, the temperature of the air is rarely higher than 18C. In winter, it’s not more than +4C. In general, the precipitation here is slightly less than in the historical territory of England. There are not so many foggy days. The coldest region is Scotland. In highlands, the air temperature in winter can reach 10 degrees below zero. In summer, the weather changes drastically, and the temperature reaches 23C. Although strong fogs and rains take place at least 250 days a year.

Top periods for vacation in Great Britain

Station Square, Inverness Most often, travelers come to England to get acquainted with the cultural and historical heritage of the state. A fairly large percentage of foreigners are various specialists, exhibitors, and businessmen. Therefore, the tourist season in the UK lasts throughout the year, despite the rather changeable, damp and cool weather. The peak of the tourist season is, naturally, in summer. The weather is especially warm and sunny in July, so, it is worth booking hotels and tickets to events in advance. The second wave of tourism is observed during the New Year holidays. On the eve of Christmas, all the cities of the kingdom are dressed in chic decorations. The air is saturated with the atmosphere of the upcoming holidays. In some regions, it snows very rarely in the winter. However, the UK is one of the favorite places for celebrating the New Year among wealthy tourists.
In the UK, everything features the British pedantry. Locals plunge into details and pay a special attention to them. That's no wonder that there is a …
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There are fewer tourists from the end of November to the beginning of December, and from the end of February to the beginning of March. The weather is becoming so volatile, windy and damp that only a few tourists decide to go to the kingdom. The best time for tours in London, Ireland and other regions of the UK is from early April to mid-October. The weather during this period is more comfortable and pleasant for outdoor walks. It’s not raining every day. However, landmark places will be crowded because of plenty of tourists coming in this period. Therefore, it’s better to go sightseeing in late spring and early autumn.
Great Britain is absolutely not associated with the beach rest. Still, summer is quite hot on the southern coast of the country. The sea warms up to 29 degrees Celsius; the air temperature may be up to 24 degrees. However, the beach season here lasts less than two months - from the beginning of July until the end of August. There are also several small resort areas on the north coast. This is quite unsafe due to high tides. Although, the water during tide becomes very warm. That attracts to the coast not only tourists but also local citizens. It should be noted that during the football season, from the end of August to the end of May, many fans regularly come to the country.
Comfort is highly valued in the UK. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are a large number of first-class luxury hotels in this country, which …
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The country is ready to please every tourist with huge sales and incredible discounts in fashion boutiques. Sales here last all year round. Therefore, regardless of the season, you can refill your wardrobe with clothes by young and talented designers. Prices are quite reasonable. Various music festivals, concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events are held throughout the UK. That also attracts a number of tourists. There are magnificent festivities on April 21, the birthday of Queen Elizabeth. On October 21, the day of the Battle of Trafalgar, you can see theatrical performances that bring you to the past. It's really scary to wander the streets on Halloween. In short, the British are scrupulous enough for each thematic holiday. Thus, visiting at least one of these events at any time of the year will leave unforgettable memories for life.

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3. Buses remain the most accessible way of getting around the city as taxis in London are quite expensive. 4. Most restaurants include tips in the total bill. As a rule, the tips here range from 10 to 15%. Leaving tips in pubs is not common. 5. Under no circumstances leave your personal belongings unattended, … Read more
3. In most restaurants of the city tips are included into the total bill. Tips here rarely make up more than 10% of the total bill. 4. Smoking is forbidden in many public places, so you need to pay attention to special characters and signs. There are many special areas for smoking in the city, so you may find no … Read more
3. The best way to make phone calls to other countries is to use special telephone tubes, which are located close to all shopping centers and government agencies. Special phone centers also offer advantageous tariffs for international calls. 4. Car rental is allowed to people over 21 years only. In order to rent a … Read more
3. Cafes and restaurants feature rather high prices as well. Thus in a budgetary eating house a meal will cost up to 10 pounds. Prudent tourists are advised to buy meals in local super markets or pay attention to small open air cafes most of which offer to-go foods. It should be noted that the quality of the foods in … Read more
3. The most expensive prices are set in the restaurants dedicated to the national cuisine. Therefore, budget travelers are recommended to visit numerous pubs and cafes, the selection of dishes in which is also very decent. 4. Many hotels are equipped with bathrooms that are different from the usual. They have … Read more
3. Bicycle remains a popular type of urban transport. You can conveniently use it in almost all areas of the city. Inexperienced cyclists should not make a ride to the central part of the city as the traffic there is very busy. 4. In order to rent a car you will need a driving license of the international … Read more

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