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Climate and best seasons to visit Bulgaria. Actual weather forecast

Varna Bulgaria is a country with clearly defined seasons. Summer in the country is very dry and hot. Winter is characterized by negative temperatures and snow, while in autumn and spring, there are rains. On the whole, the country is well divided into three main climatic zones. The northern part is dominated by a temperate continental climate, thus creating a situation where the heat in summer and the cold in winter are in fairly comfortable terms. The central part of the country is characterized by a steppe climatic zone. On the Black Sea coast however, the climate is very similar to the main features of the Mediterranean.
Bulgaria has a magnificent climate. The country is located on the Black Sea coast and is a popular place for a beach holiday. However, beaches are not …
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At the beginning of December, cold torrential rains begin in the country. This is accompanied by an icy piercing wind. It is worth noting that snow falls in December only in the northern regions and the temperature does not also rise above -3 to -5°C. In some regions, strong frosts are possible up to 30°C. With the onset of January, the weather in the country becomes normalized. The average temperature in almost the whole territory is about 2°C. It snows in the center, and the coastal areas are characterized by high humidity and strong winds from the sea. In the mountains, the temperature of the air stays within -15°C during the day. As February begins, it gets a little warmer although it continues to snow endlessly, especially in the mountainous regions where the temperature does not fall below -7°C. Throughout the country’s territory, the last days of February have a temperature fixed at 10°C.
Spring in Bulgaria starts from the first days of March. The sun begins to shine much brighter, and cloudy days give way to clear and comfortable weather. The average air temperature during this period is 9-12°C, although the temperature can drop down to 2°C at night. At the beginning of April, water in the sea can warm up to 17°C. In the middle of spring it is warm even in mountain regions; the daily temperature there is usually about zero degrees. With the onset of May, a relatively high temperature is already recorded on the coast, usually about 25-27°C. At the same time, the evenings in Bulgaria remain rather cool. With the commencement of summer, the air temperature remains within 2°C. Notwithstanding, it is rather cool at night in the coastal regions with open terrain due to the active movement of air masses from the sea. In mid-July, the air temperature reaches a maximum of 35°C and water in the sea warms up to 25°C. Copyright
1. The national currency of Bulgaria is lev (lion) and a small change coin is a stotinka. Changing money in Bulgaria is best in banks. Before the …
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In August, the sea breeze brings a bit of coolness to the coastal regions and rains begin in the northwestern regions. The air temperature rises to about 25°C. However, with every day of August, the temperature gradually goes down. The September weather in Bulgaria can be called “autumn season”. The exhausting heat gradually drifts away but the air temperature nevertheless still reaches 25°C. At night, the temperature can drop to 10-15°C. At the beginning of October, the average air temperature is about 13°C and the clear days almost disappear in November. It is replaced by a cloudy weather with cold rains and chilly winds.

Top periods for vacation in Bulgaria

Bulgaria can offer tourists various interesting tours at any time of the year. Beach vacation is the most popular in Bulgaria. The Black Sea coast of the country is under the influence of the Mediterranean climate. Therefore, even in the middle of July, the weather is not characterized by high temperature indicators. The beach season begins in late May, when the water temperature warms up to 19°C. With the onset of June, the water temperature in the sea however rises to about 20-22°C. The air temperature on the other hand reaches 25-27°C, and in mid-July the beach season reaches its peak. In August, strong gusty winds and rainy days are possible. Although, it is during these days in the country that the celebration of the day of the Navy takes place and majestic impressive parades of ships are conducted.
The luxury hotels in Bulgaria, deserving attention of the most discerning traveler.
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In early September, the country has a so-called autumn season. During this period, the heat recedes slightly, while the weather remains clear, and the sea warm. If you are a skiing enthusiast, then it is best to visit Bulgaria in early December. However, depending on the specific ski resort, the opening of the season takes place at different times. The ski season however ends in March, when the air temperature increasingly becomes favorable and the snow gradually begins to melt on the tracks. A large number of tourists come to Bulgaria to celebrate the New Year holidays and Christmas. It is worth noting that during the New Year’s holidays, the big cities, as well as the provinces and remote places are all enveloped in an incredible solemn atmosphere. This no doubt, will give everyone a magical memory.
If you want to book a sightseeing tour to Bulgaria and personally get to know the homeland of the gladiator of Spartacus and the hero of Orpheus, and also enjoy the ancient architecture, it is best to visit the country in the warm months of spring. The best time for excursions is in the middle of April and throughout the month of May. During this period, the weather is not too hot, and there are not many tourists in large cities since the beach season is not yet open. You can also visit the country in autumn, although, during this period there are prolonged rains. It is worth remembering that Bulgaria is considered an Orthodox country that honors its traditions, and holds a huge number of holidays and festivals. If you want to get acquainted with the country’s mentality, you can arrange your visit to coincide with any of these dates; January 8, which is the so-called Babyn day, February 14 (Valentine’s Day), March 1 (Baba Marta), May 1 (May Day), or on June 24 (the solstice day). Also in the country, international festivals are held at different times. For example, in Kushari, there is the children’s art contest held in May. In Dobruja, song and dance festivals are organized, and in Tervel, there are folklore events at the end of September.

Fantastic City Tours and Excursions in Bulgaria

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3. Don’t forget to bargain on markets as it is possible to reduce the price greatly. Fans of shopping should also keep in mind that Bulgarian clothes, shoes, and cosmetics are considered to be of the highest quality in the variety of items for sale. 4. Silverware and handcrafts remain the most popular souvenirs … Read more

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