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  Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is the undercover capital of Brazil and its economic center. Originally the city was considered the territory and the home of the Indians, but after the depletion of land resources in Rio de Janeiro the population of this place began to grow. In the end of XVIII century the refugees from Italy and Japan started moving to Sao Paulo, creating plantations of coffee and cotton in the...
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  Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has long and rich history. After the short French period, in 1567 the Portuguese started to live there. At first, the city grew with a very slow speed, till on the territory of Brazil they found gold. In 1763-1960 Rio de Janeiro was the capital of the country, but in 1960 this honor was given to Brasilia. In the end of the 19th century thanks to the mass emigration from Europe and...
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This is a modern resort town, which has managed to turn into a comfortable recreational area from a small fishing village within just several decades. The coastal part of the city has changed the most during this time. Here have been built new hotels and entertainment venues. Besides beaches that simply dive in the greenery of palm trees, Fortaleza offers to visitors a large selection of tours...
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This city can be easily called the example of modern architecture. Brasilia was built less than 40 years ago. Famous architect Lucio Costa has contributed much into the modern look of this place. If you look at Brasilia from high above, you will see the city’s shape reminds of an airplane. Some people say it looks like a bow with a tight feather. The parts of this city are divided into several...
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Santos is a beautiful Brazilian port city located in Baía de Todos os Santos. The land here is very fertile and the nature is beautiful, so the continent has quickly attracted European settlers. Indian tribes, which originally lived in this area, did not resist the emergence of newcomers and even contributed to the settlement and development of the town. Santos is known for its beautiful, rich...
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