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Architecture of Austria. Must see and must visit landmarks

Austrian Parliament, Vienna

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» The house of the Austrian Parliament dates back to 1918; National Federal Council of the Austrian Parliament also sits there.
» Various important state ceremonies, such as the ceremony of taking the oath by the President of Austria, and the official speech at the annual National Day on October 26th, take place there.
» The Parliament House covers an area of more than 13,500 square meters and has more than 100 rooms, including meeting rooms, sports rooms, lounges, bars, and library.
» The most famous landmark of the building is the sculpture of Pallas Athena with a fountain located at the main entrance.
» The Austrian Parliament is open for tourists.

Belvedere, Vienna

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» The Belvedere is the palace complex in Vienna constructed in Baroque style.
» The palace was built by Lucas von Hildebrandt as the summer residence for one of the greatest generals of that time, Prince Eugene of Savoy, in the early 18th century.
» The palace complex is notable for its gallery, which is the most famous art museum in Vienna.
» The gallery has the impressive collection of Austrian art from the Middle Ages to the present day.
» The museum has the world's largest collection of works by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt.

Burgtheater, Vienna

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» Burgtheater is the National Theatre in Vienna and one of the most prestigious theaters in the German-speaking world.
» Premiers of Mozart’s operas, The Abduction from the Seraglio, The Marriage of Figaro and Cosi took place there.
» The theater scene is almost 700 m2.
» Burgtheater troupe consists of more than 100 actors and is one of the biggest in Europe.
» The majestic facade of the theater made it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vienna.

Capuchin Church, Vienna

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» Kapuzinerkirhe is the church and monastery of the Capuchin Order in Vienna.
» The Capuchin Church is famous for its Imperial Crypt that is the resting place of Habsburg emperors and members of their families.
» Twelve emperors, nineteen empresses and many other members of Habsburgs (137 people) are buried in the crypt.
» Last burial in the tomb was in 2011, when the last crown prince of Habsburg, Otto von Habsburg, lost his life.

Church of St. Leopold, Vienna

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» The Church of St. Leopold is the Roman Catholic church built on the site of the Vienna Psychiatric Hospital.
» The church is dedicated to the patron of Austria, St. Leopold.
» Interior was created keeping in mind that most of parishioners were psychiatric patients. All corners inside the church are rounded, and the altar is separated from the main hall.
» The temple provides separate access for men and women; it has special service outlets for medical evacuations.
» The ceiling under the main dome of the church is adorned with symbols of the four evangelists, and stained-glass windows are decorated with images of saints.

Donauturm, Vienna

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» Donauturm was built in 1964 for the Vienna International Garden Show.
» The height of the tower is 252 m; that’s a popular tourist attraction in Vienna. The Tower is the tallest building in the capital and the second tallest in Austria.
» The Donauturm has an observation deck that is located at an altitude of 150 m. Two elevators lifting visitors upstairs for 35 seconds help to get to the observation desk.
» There are 2 restaurants, at an altitude of 160 and 170 meters.
» The lookout tower has bungee jumping station. Jumping is carried out only in summer.

Hofburg Palace, Vienna

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» Hofburg Palace once was the residence of the most influential people in the European and Austrian history, including representatives of Habsburg Dynasty, which were rulers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
» Currently, Hofburg is the official residence of the President of Austria.
» The palace complex includes emperor’s apartments, the Imperial Chapel, the Imperial Treasury, the Imperial Horse Stables, the Winter Riding Hall and the Austrian National Library.
» The Imperial Treasury houses priceless national and historical relics of the Holy Roman and Austro-Hungarian empires.
» The Spanish Riding School is open to visitors even these days. At all times, the purpose of the school was to preserve the classical art of riding and educating new masters.
» The Winter Riding Hall placed in the walls of the imperial palace is home to fine Lippizaner horses.

Karlskirche, Vienna

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» Karlskirche is the Catholic Church made in style of Viennese Baroque.
» This church is considered one of the largest and most prominent buildings in the city.
» The building is notable due to a huge dome and two tall columns at the sides.
» Its facade is very amazing. There are angels at the entrance to the church, and 4 virtues of repentance, mercy, humility and faith on the front side of the building.
» The walls and ceilings of the church are decorated with magnificent frescoes by famous masters.

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

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» The Kunsthistorisches Museum is the famous art museum in Vienna, opened in 1891.
» The Kunsthistorisches Museum is almost identical in appearance with the Naturhistorisches Museum.
» In fact, the museum is a rich art collection of the Austrian imperial court.
» The Kunsthistorisches Museum can boast collections of Egyptian and Middle Eastern art, a collection of Greek and Roman antiquities, a collection of sculpture and decorative arts. The museum also has a library.
»  Works represented in the museum were created by Giorgione, Titian, Giovanni Bellini, Lorenzo Lotto, Bernardo Strozzi and many others.

Millennium Tower, Vienna

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» The Millennium Tower is the skyscraper that the highest in Vienna after the Danube Tower.
» The total area occupied by the building is 47,200 m2, including 38,500 m2 of office premises.
» Construction of the tower was very fast due to the latest technologies. In one week, the builders erected 2.5 floors.
» The tower has ten elevators, one of which is commercial.
» There is a cinema and a large shopping center at the Millennium Tower.

Rathaus, Vienna

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» The Rathaus serves as the seat for both mayor and city council of Vienna.
» The town hall made in the Gothic Revival style was built in the late 19th century.
» The main hall of the Rathaus is of great interest for tourists, as its length reaches 71 m. This room is decorated with sculptures of famous Viennese.
» The hall is often used for exhibitions, concerts and balls. In total, the Rathaus hosts about 800 events per year.
» The central tower of the Town Hall reaches 98 meters; it’s surrounded by four 61-meter towers. The central one offers spectacular view of the city. However, in order to get to the observation deck, you need to overcome the 256 steps.
» Top of the tower is decorated with the famous steel figure in armor-bearer; that’s the keeper of the town hall, which has become a symbol of Vienna.

St. Peter Church, Vienna

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» The St. Peter Church is the Roman Catholic parish church in Vienna; the building is constructed in Baroque style.
» Everywhere in the temple, you can see images and symbols of the Holy Trinity, as the temple is dedicated to it.
» A wonderful dome of emerald color is decorated with beautiful frescoes.
» Rich interior details of the St. Peter Church make it even more spectacular.
» The St Peter Church houses a glass coffin containing the remains of St. Benedict.

St. Stephen Cathedral, Vienna

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» The St. Stephen Cathedral is the Roman Catholic cathedral, which is the national symbol of Austria.
» The Cathedral is one of the most important religious buildings in the capital of Austria. It has witnessed many important events in the history of this country and became one of the most recognizable symbols of Vienna.
» In 1741, funeral of the Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi took place in the Cathedral of St. Stephen.
» The church was built of limestone and was originally white, but over the centuries the facade was painted black because of the soot and other air pollutants. However, recent restoration projects have returned original white color to some parts of the building.
» The St. Stephen Cathedral can be seen on Austrian euro dime.

Votive Church, Vienna

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» The Votive Church is the neo-Gothic Roman Catholic church located next to the University of Vienna.
» After the assassination attempt on the life of Emperor Franz Joseph in 1853, the brother of the Emperor Maximilian, Archduke Ferdinand, decided to build a church to thank God for saving the life of the emperor.
» The height of the church is 99 meters, and thus it’s the second highest among Viennese churches.
» One of the most interesting relics is the carved wooden altarpiece from Antwerp dating back to the 15th century.
» The church has the Renaissance tombstone of Count Nicholas Salm, who defended Vienna during the Turkish invasion of 1529.
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