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Jeita Grotto, Lebanon

From series “Fantastic and Colorful Caves Inside the Earth”
Lenght: 9 km. Height: 120 meters.

The Jeita Grotto is one of Lebanon's most remarkable sights. This is a complex of two large limestone caves, whose general length is about 9 km. The lower cave was discovered a long time ago, in the first half of the 19th century. As it was found out by scientists, this cave was inhabited in prehistoric times. You can get to the lower cave only by boat, as it is filled by an underground river. It is important to note that the latter has great importance. It serves as the main source of fresh water for more than a million local residents.

Jeita Grotto, Lebanon The lower level of the cave is incredibly interesting, but the upper level, discovered in 1958, is considered more beautiful. Its main attractions are wonderfully beautiful stalactites. The height of some galleries of the upper cave reaches 120 meters. Thanks to the excellent lighting, the underground world looks like a fairy-tale empire whose splendour can be enjoyed for hours. In this cave is located the largest stalactite in the world, whose height is 8.2 meters.

The cave is pretty well explored. In one of the grottoes scientists have found the ruins of an old foundry workshop. For tourists, the cave has been open since 1995. Some of the grottoes were completed with the impressive illumination system and therefore look even more magical. An excursion to the Jeita Caves becomes an exciting adventure. To get to the upper level of the caves tourists can use a cable car. Next - Waitomo Glowworm Caves

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Useful staff nearby

ATM bankomat: 'Atm - Mazraat Yachoua' located in 2.18 km ( check the route on the map).
Car rental office: 'SHOWCASE - Wedding cars in Lebanon - Limousine cars - Old wedding cars' is located in 4.87 km ( on the map).
Fuel station: 'Mobil - Gas Station' in 1.16 km
Supermarket: 'Daou Store - Supermarket' in 1.14 km
Parking: 'Jeita Parking' in 0.05 km
Apotheek: 'Malek - Pharmacy' in 1.17 km
Police station: 'Zouk Mousbeh - Police' in 1.56 km
Cafe/restaurant: 'La Morella - Restaurant' in 0.06 km

Nearest airports:
 »  Rafic Hariri Airport BEY - in 18 km
 »  Damascus International Airport DAM - in 100 km
 »  Haifa Airport HFA - in 137 km
 »  Bassel Al-Assad International Airport LTK - in 164 km
 »  Larnaca Airport LCA - in 212 km
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Villa Guest House

Located in 1 km from Jeita Grotto
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Rooms: 3
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Three Hearts Lodge

Located in 2 km from Jeita Grotto
Route on the map:
Rooms: 5
All accommodation at Three Hearts Lodge is furnished with a warm décor and tiled floors. Each room includes a flat-screen TV, a minibar and a … More: photo, rates and booking
Garden Master-Bedroom Suites

Located in 3 km from Jeita Grotto
Route on the map:
Rooms: 4
All air-conditioned accommodations are fitted with tiled floors. Each one offers a flat-screen TV, a balcony and a minibar. The hotel features … More: photo, rates and booking
Veer Boutique Hotel & Resort

Located in 4 km from Jeita Grotto
Route on the map:
Rooms: 36
All accommodation at Veer Boutique Hotel & Resort offers a modern décor. A hot tub, a terrace and a private pool are available. There is a … More: photo, rates and booking

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Top destination around Jeita Grotto - Beirut

Clothing issue won’t cause any serious problems as there are no strict limitations. Most of the inhabitants of the city are the followers of the Christian religion, so they actively use European clothes in their everyday life. When you plan to attend business organizations, fashionable restaurants and theaters, you should certainly wear a suit. When you go out to make a walk in the city, more casual dress will be perfectly suitable. People wearing too revealing clothes may not be allowed to enter the territory of some religious sites. There is also a dress code in the majority of the nightclubs of Beirut. Tourists who wear very frank or bright outfit can cause confusion to local residents.

The locals are distinguished by hospitality. This means if you receive an invitation to go for a cup of coffee, you shouldn’t refuse in any case as this will certainly offend gracious hosts. As a rule, a meal is not limited to coffee. Guests will be certainly invited to seat a luxurious table, and will be offered to try national dishes and sweets. While seating at a table, people traditionally serve themselves. Many dishes are normally eaten with fingers, but the local people treat European standards and culinary customs with understanding and respect, so you will be provided with ordinary tableware. The consuming of alcoholic beverages is allowed in Beirut, however, you can drink it in specially designated places only. The appearance in public in a drunken state is not welcome.
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