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Advices for Car Trips through Germany

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50. Note that passing the driving license exam in Germany is rather difficult. Questions of examiners may seem impossible to answer even for experienced drivers, who successfully obtained a driving license in other countries. This partially explains high skills of local motorists.
51. Drivers from other countries will find it difficult to get used to the local road signs that indicate the speed limit. For example, if the sign has a mark of 130 km/h, it is intuitively clear that one cannot exceed the mentioned speed. However, the speed lower than the indicated one is also considered unacceptable, because slow drivers cause troubles for cars that follow it.
52. If you plan to make a long trip, make sure you fill the tank with a reserve. Drivers should take into account the fact that there is a risk to get into a big traffic jam and consume a lot more fuel than expected. If a driver suddenly runs out of fuel and this causes road congestion, this driver will be issued a large fine.
53. It is strictly prohibited to stop on autobahn and park a car on the roadside. Only serious breakdowns or sudden problems with the driver’s health can be sufficient reasons for a stop. Do not try to simulate poor health - the police will surely suspect fraud and will call the ambulance to confirm the diagnosis.
54. In the city of Stendal drivers may notice unusual traffic lights that react to speeding. When a traffic violator appears in the "field of view" of such a traffic light, it immediately switches to a red light, and it takes more time than usual to switch back to the green one.
55. There are also traffic lights that are equipped with radar and several cameras. They register violators and send this data to the police. Once the violation is confirmed, the driver will receive a fine sent by mail.
56. Do not even get into the car simply to relax after you drink alcohol – this is simply not accepted here. Staying in a car in a state of alcoholic intoxication is already a reason for the police to issue a fine. It will be also almost impossible to prove that the driver was not planning to go anywhere.

Renting a Car in Germany - Recommendations

If you need a car with an automatic transmission, it is recommended to book it in advance. Cars with automatic transmissions are often sparse in Germany, so the rental confirmation may take a longer period.

When selecting a specific model for traveling throughout Germany, we recommend to take into consideration some practical apects. If you are going to drive mostly in the cities, then a car of a small size is preferable, while for long distance trips (and trips in the mountains) we recommend to choose a larger and more powerful car.

Prior your car retrun, please clean the salon from a garbage, and do not forget to take away all your belongings from the passenger compartment.

At the car return time, please ask the officer to make a visual inspection of the vehicle for defects and to sign the acceptance report. Keep the invoice and the acceptance report for next few months.

For a car rental options in Germany, we advise you to check actual offers in the orange search form at the top. We guarantee that you would not be able to find better rates anywhere else!
57. In case of a car accident the local police will be involved in the investigation only indirectly. Most of the work is done by employees of insurance companies. Police officers only make a protocol and transfer it to participants of an accident. The record of the accident recorded by DVR should also be given to insurance company officers.
58. Drivers of two-wheeled means of transport are full-right members of traffic, so they also have to pay heavy fines for violations of traffic regulations. Thus, fines can be issued for faulty brakes or a bell, for riding in the dark without a flashlight, and a number of other violations.
59. There are many service areas on autobahns. Each of them has its own name. As a rule, service areas are usually called after the names of nearby settlements, lakes or other geographic locations.
60. In addition to fuel stations, shops and small restaurants, service areas are often equipped with hotels. For an extra charge tourists will be provided with a shower and all conditions for a comfortable and proper relaxation.
61. All autobahn exits have a unique number, so it’s really difficult to get lost on the road. Autobahn billboards are also very helpful. They specify the nearby settlements (the closest one would be listed at the bottom).
62. Radar control is not a secret on local roads - the presence of checkpoints is indicated by special characters. Skipping such a sign is almost impossible because it is repeated close to the radar.
63. If you notice an extraordinary situation on your way, it is important to turn on the emergency signal to warn cars that are behind of an accident. They will do the same, so all the cars will find out about the congestion and will slow down.
64. Regardless of the type of a road, drivers are recommended to move closer to the right lane. In case the vehicle in front of you moves slowly, you can gently overtake it and then again move to the right lane.
65. Inexperienced drivers should avoid driving on the left lane of an autobahn. Many local motorists, who use the left lane, often ride at the speed of 200 km/h, so it is better not to get in their way.
66. Local drivers do not tolerate rudeness on the road, and they get even angrier than slow riders block their way. While driving, one should refrain from remarks and gestures that expose their dissatisfaction. Other drivers may make a complaint to the police, and the thug will get a large fine.
67. In order not to incur the wrath of German drivers, you should never "stand in the way" of Mercedes and BMW. These cars are regarded as privileged members of traffic in accordance with a non-principal rule.
68. When you stop your car, don’t forget to stop the engine as well. Local people care about the environment, so in some cities one can get a large fine simply for standing with the running engine.
69. When driving on a highway at a speed that is far exceeding the recommended one (130 km/h), you must turn on the upper beams or at least the left winker - with the help of such an unwritten rule fast speed drivers alert other drivers of a possible danger.
70. Leaving au autobahn is one of the most dangerous maneuvers. Moving in unison with fast traffic can sometimes be very difficult. However, among local drivers there are usually many good people, who are always ready to give way to a timid beginner. If you want to thank them, simply raise your hand.
71. If you cannot enter an autobahn for a long time, do not honk and flash with your beams. Such a behavior is considered to be good enough only for truckers. Other drivers must wait patiently and hurry up if a favorable situation for a maneuver occurs.
72. If a ride on local autobahns brings a lot of worries and there is no confidence in making a successful and safe ride, it is better to use secondary routes. Many of them run through very scenic areas.
73. In Germany, there is the so-called “Romantic Road” (Romantische Strasse), which runs through the most picturesque parts of the country and is considered one of the most beautiful roads in Europe. It starts near Würzburg and ends in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. The length of the road is more than 350 miles. This trip will leave a lot of exiting memories to travellers who enjoy rides in the beautiful countryside.
74. The road of fairy tales is a no less attractive route. It starts in Hanau and ends in Bremen. The length of this road is about 600 kilometers. During your ride you will pass the most interesting cities and sights, which are in one way or another associated with fairy tales.
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