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Advices for Car Trips through Dominikana

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23. Even if there is a traffic jam at the crossroads, nobody pays attention to it. Cars simply keep moving and stop at the crossroads, blocking traffic in all directions. Naturally, the official traffic regulations do not allow such actions, but local drivers care very little about traffic regulations.
24. If there are traffic jams on the roads, the most enterprising drivers try to overcome them by driving on road sides. If at least one driver succeeds in making such a maneuver, all other cars will follow its example.
25. Taxi drivers and small bus drivers are among most frequent violators of traffic regulations. Locals often call them “Guagua”. Drivers of these vehicles are always in a hurry, and so they can easily make most incredible maneuvers on the road.

Renting a Car in Dominikana - Recommendations

If you need a car with an automatic transmission, it is recommended to book it in advance. Cars with automatic transmissions are often sparse in Dominikana, so the rental confirmation may take a longer period.

When selecting a specific model for traveling throughout Dominikana, we recommend to take into consideration some practical apects. If you are going to drive mostly in the cities, then a car of a small size is preferable, while for long distance trips (and trips in the mountains) we recommend to choose a larger and more powerful car.

Prior your car retrun, please clean the salon from a garbage, and do not forget to take away all your belongings from the passenger compartment.

At the car return time, please ask the officer to make a visual inspection of the vehicle for defects and to sign the acceptance report. Keep the invoice and the acceptance report for next few months.

For a car rental options in Dominikana, we advise you to check actual offers in the orange search form at the top. We guarantee that you would not be able to find better rates anywhere else!
26. There are many ladies among local motorists. Experienced drivers also advise to keep away from them. Generally speaking, foreign drivers should be afraid of literally everything in the Dominican Republic. Even experienced elderly drivers can easily make illegal maneuvers.
27. Drivers, who expect to travel a lot in the countryside and want to visit several settlements during one ride, are recommended to fill the tank whenever they have an opportunity. Outside cities, petrol stations are rare, so it may be difficult to buy petrol when you need it.
28. According to an unwritten rule, drivers of bigger vehicles have the advantage on the road. Therefore, it is useless to hope that the driver of a large truck will give way to a passenger car, and the driver of the latter, in his turn, will pay attention to numerous motorcyclists.
29. If you plan to visit petrol stations and shops located near roads, it is better to keep some small amount of money in the glove compartment. You should take out the wallet as rare as possible, especially at petrol stations and in shops for drivers.
30. Many local people offer their services of “guarding the parked car”. It is recommended not to refuse such services. You should give a small tip to the “guard” and promise to pay a certain sum on return. In this case, there is little hope that the abandoned car will be really guarded.
31. There are always many beggars at traffic lights and intersections. When driving, it is better to keep windows fully closed. If you are used to driving with car windows open, you should check there are no items left on the seats as they can be stolen through an open window in a couple of seconds.
32. When driving in the countryside, you should pay attention to the livestock. Goats, horses, pigs and cows often appear on the road. Sometimes they even stroll on the streets of big cities.
33. In some cities, roads are full of sellers, who offer various souvenirs and trinkets. Once the stream of cars stops at an intersection or a crosswalk, they walk between the rows of cars and offer their goods to drivers.
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